A Country Boy To The Core

My husband is a country boy
To the core
When we are in the city
He is going crazy
He is always yearning
For the country.

When we are at home
He fills the four corners
With country songs
From Garth Brooks
To Johnny Cash.

He comes and goes at all hours of the day
And even late at night
He goes outside a zillion times
Our door has always been cracked
It has been repaired
A million times.

Squirrels roaming around
Going up and down
Along the trunks
Of the maple trees
His eyes are fixated
As if he had seen them
For the very first time.

He always peeks through the window
Looking for feathered friends
When he hears
That chirp and tweet
His green eyes become bright
And sweet.

At nighttime he ardently waits
For the moon to pour out
Its glory
And the sequin-silver stars
Flashing and dazzling
The grand sky.

One night he stayed outside
For the longest time
When he came inside
The house, I told him
He can now marry
The moon and stars above.

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved

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