Regret Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


It's not for laws I've brokenA
That bitter tears I've weptB
But solemn vows I've spokenA
And promises unkeptB
It's not for sins committedB
My heart is full of rueC
but gentle acts omittedB
Kind deeds I did not doC
I have outlived the blindnessD
The selfishness of youthE
The canker of unkindnessD
The cruelty of truthE
The searing hurt of rudenessD
By mercies great and smallF
I've come to reckon goodnessD
The greatest gift of allF
Let us be helpful everG
to those who are in needB
And each new day endeavourG
To do some gentle deedB
For faults beyond our grievingH
What kindliness atoneI
On earth by love achievingH
A Heaven of our ownI

Robert William Service


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