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Life 295 God 292 Never 262 Heart 262 I Love You 234 Love 234 Night 210 Away 194 Joy 179 Good 175

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David N Johnson: The Man From Athabasca takes on new life if you listen to Country Joe McDonald sing it in his War, War, War album. Look it up on YouTube. He did a studio version in 1971, and a live performance nearly forty years later. It grabs your heart.

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Alfred Lord Tennyson Poem
 by Alfred Lord Tennyson

1. Is it the wind of the dawn that I hear
in the pine overhead?
2. No; but the voice of the deep as it hollows
the cliffs of the land.
1. Is there a voice coming up with the
voice of the deep from the strand,
Once coming up with a Song in the
flush of the glimmering red?

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