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NatMus_SWE_bot: Simon Jacques Rochard, Frederick William Robert Stewart, 4th Marquess of Londonderry, 1805-1872, 19??

NeilDrysdale: A memorial service has been held in Holland to honour the many Allied troops who were killed during the Second World War, including Aberdeen airman William McLennan, a Lancaster bomber crew member whose gravestone is in Vorden.

EugieReven: "Trees, trees against the sky - O I have loved them well! There are pleasures you cannot buy, Treasurers you cannot sell, And not the smallest of these Is the gift and glory of trees…" — Robert William Service (from "Trees Against The Sky")

Retrorrific: Ballads of a Cheechako Copyright Robert Service 1909 Green Cloth Cover, Toronto, William Briggs

anitahart: 116/365 Trees, trees against the sky— O I have loved them well! There are pleasures you cannot buy, Treasurers you cannot sell, And not the smallest of these Is the gift and glory of trees. - Robert William Service

blogmywiki: It certainly has an ambiguous history. William Empson, no less, chose it as a sig tune for the BBC Chinese Service before it was adopted by the English language World Service. Robert Graves wrote to The Times to complain about it in 1972:

BaldevVinod: During service:Eternal father,strong to save(Naval hymn)5.39m.Jubiliate,Benjamin Britten2.49m.Psalm104,William Lovelady 5.42m.Lesser Litany,William Smith 2.21.Lord's Prayer,Robert Stone 1.18.Russian kontakion,Walter Parral 4.23.After service:Luke Band,Bach's prelude&fugue 13.44m.

BCSDBEES: Each weekday around noon, we'll recognize 5 of our seniors! Check out their posts below and give them a shout-out! Today, we honor Robert Grems and William Rock. (Google Form:

WendySiegelman: Rebekah Mercer has new UK company Dynamo Recoveries Limited, inc Mar 4 '21 by Terence William Donal Blaney, purpose isn't clear Blaney ran Young Britons’ Foundation/YBF sister org of Mercer funded YAF Blaney associate Matt Richardson is involved w/Parler

SleepsOnMoss: Robert William Service

sandy_bulman: Louis deJoy’s plan has been to destroy vital equipment, slow down service to “repair” the post office. Hey BOG, fire him. Today. Your reputations are going w him. Ron Bloom, Roman Martinez, John Barger, Robert Duncan, Donald Moak, William Zollars...

EATBpodcast: New Episode!! EATB 116: "Creative Bobbie Ross" William, Sam, TJ, & Robert create the EATB streaming service!  Hear our pitches for the content we would create for our platform as we enter the "Streaming Wars" with our original TV shows & movies!

NdindiNyoro: This morning at AIPCA, Gatura Church in Gatanga Constituency accompanying H.E the Deputy President William Ruto for a Church Service. We received a great sermon from Bishop Wambugu. Thank you the great people for the great reception. We are African and Africa is our Business..

DavidCranmerUn1: responsibilities, the FBI had its own intelligence system in Latin America. On 11 July 1941, William Donovan was named the Coordinator of Information, which subsequently became the OSS. At first, there was a unit called the Foreign Information Service inside COI, headed by Robert

livetolovealone: Poetry Plus – Music in the Bush – A poem by Robert William Service

let_trio: The best triolets come from poets Thomas Hardy, Andrew Barton Paterson, and Robert William Service

bufocalvin: Happy bookish birthdays, 16 January, to: William Kennedy (Ironweed), Susan Sontag (On Photography), Robert W. Service (Songs of a Sourdough)...

BigBlendMag: "Ah! the clock is always slow; It is later than you think." Robert William Service

Cato_Minor: It's the great, big, broad land 'way up yonder, ⁠It's the forests where silence has lease; It's the beauty that thrills me with wonder, ⁠It's the stillness that fills me with peace. -- Robert William Service

JamesFallows: William Webster is as close as you’ll find to career-long rectitude in public life. Former fed prosecutor and judge. Director of both FBI and CIA. Navy service in WWII *and* Korea; Also stanch Repub. He’s a loyal son of Missouri but no fan of its Jr Sen:

EasyCompany506t: Pvt Wallace Diefenbach, 24, Wisc Pvt James A. Keel, 22, NC Pfc Sam A. Lappin, 23, Penn Cpl William B. Maue, 23, Ohio Pvt Earl F. Smith, 19, Penn And from Service Co, driving the truck was Pvt Robert L. Rutherford, 21, NJ 6/

consertum: Trees, trees against the sky - O I have loved them well! There are pleasures you cannot buy, Treasurers you cannot sell, And not the smallest of these Is the gift and glory of trees. Robert William Service / Trees against the Sky

Peer_0011: “Some praise the Lord for Light The living spark I thank God for the night The healing dark.” ~ Robert William Service

ToledoBarAssn: The Robert A. Kelb Distinguished Service Award, the Toledo Bar Association’s highest award for service to the association and membership, was presented virtually to Thomas G. Pletz earlier today by TBA president, William G. Meyer.

SoilVoices: 'Mud is mankind in the moulding': from 'Mud' by Robert William Service

reescb: Trees, trees against the sky O I have loved them well! There are pleasures you cannot buy, Treasurers you cannot sell, And not the smallest of these Is the gift and glory of trees. . .       Robert William Service


nrvnews: William Arthur Wade, Sr., 98, of Radford, passed away Thursday, December 10, 2020. He was a member of New Mount Olive Methodist Church and retired from Hercules after 30 years of service. He was preceded in death by his parents, Robert Lee Wade and Savann

CitizenScreen: (Original caption) Victor McLaglen presents an award for Community Service from the Hollywood American Legion to Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor, circa 1937. All three actors were filming 'His Affair', directed by William A. Seiter

EslarnerZeitung: “The Ballad of Lenin’s Tomb” by Robert William Service

themispro: Aunt Betty, Red Cross volunteer, Bremerton Naval Station, Aunt Alice RN, San Francisco military hospital. Civil war Robert Blair, 16 flag bearer. WWI great Uncles William, and Rod. I served USAF, 65-69.Thanks o my family for long service to our country. I’m honored,

BrockWHarrison: My grandfather Robert William Harrison's record of service in the Canadian Armed Forces. The enlistment date jumps off the page. Canada had already been involved in WWII for two years, but Grandpa - all of 19 - joined two weeks after Pearl Harbor. True duty and courage. (1/6)

PoliceTrust: William’s life is less well recorded other than his service in the Eastbourne Borough Police, like Robert he joined the Military Foot Police, and was attached to the 4 Dismounted Traffic Control Unit but arrived in France slightly earlier on the 29th May 1915.

pwcgov: Congratulations to Prince William Chief Deputy County Attorney Robert B. Dickerson on receiving the Local Government Attorneys of VA’s A. Robert Cherin Award for his “distinguished public service that reflects a commitment to the highest ethical and professional principles.”

GibbsSooner: Look familiar? The Geological Survey Building by architects William T. & Robert W. Vahlberg (1948) was in service on campus from 1951-2008, when it began its transformation into today's Gould Hall! See this & more in our interactive "Renegades" exhibition:

heatherpeno: About the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors of the U.S. Postal Service is comparable to a board of directors of a publicly held corporation. Board of Governors open ... Robert M. Duncan * John M. Barger William D. Zollars Roman Martinez IV * Donald L. Moak *

necanet: William C. Orgill, Executive Director, Western Region has won the 2020 Robert L. Higgins Association Executive Distinguished Service Award, which recognizes staff executives for exceptional contributions to the association. Congratulations, William!

RobertWService: New video uploaded, enjoy watching it

BrennanJSmith: “Have you roamed the arid sun-lands through and through? Have you chummed up with the mesa? Do you know its moods and changes? Then listen to the Wild — it's calling you.” - Robert William Service. Grateful for a weekend of adventure and escape in Moab.

ScottishRiteNMJ: Congratulations to Brother Robert N. Stutz, 32°, and William D. Haller, Jr., 32°, for receiving the Daniel Tompkins Medal for their outstanding and distinguished service to their country and Masonic fraternity at large! Learn more:

RepCarolMiller: Today we dedicated the Wood Brothers Veterans Memorial Bridge in Point Pleasant. Thank you to Charlie, Lewis, Emo, Raymond, Donald, Robert, Paul, Bill, & their father William. I hope all who drive across this bridge remember your commitment to freedom & service to our country.

SEOTopBoy: I will total facebook marketing service for any company

ManitobaLakeBot: Hullin Lake, (Capt. William Robert Hullin, Canadian Chaplain Service, died 3-6-45)

RandyWendt9: A Little Prayer by Robert William Service (1930)

DescendantsIn: In the early sixties direct involvement of Premier Robert Stanfield along with William Pearly Oliver instrumental in laying the foundation in Nova Scotia for the establishment of the Commission. Take Away Department of Justice /Public Prosecution Service/Nova Scotia Human Rights

WausauPilot: Obituaries are a service of Brainard Funeral Home & Cremation Center: William “Bill” Blair, Dale Tessmer, Todd Schmidt, Rick “Wolfy” Wolf, Larry Framke, Barbara Peterson, Dorothy Flees, Robert Thorson, James “Jim” Vaughn

TheRickyDavila: I respect Robert Mueller’s service. That being said, he could have and should have done so much more to bring down a criminal and his gross family. Both William Barr and Rod Rosenstein should be in prison for conspiracy to cover it all up.

JaxStrong: Maj. Gen. William Graham, Deputy Commanding General for Civil and Emergency Operations, receives a briefing on the Central Everglades Restoration Project from Dr. Robert Johnson of the National Park Service.

USACEHQ: Maj. Gen. William Graham, Deputy Commanding General for Civil and Emergency Operations, receives a briefing on the Central Everglades Restoration Project from Dr. Robert Johnson of the National Park Service. (Thread)

brymcclure: Robert Lynn RFA killed at Ypres 6th August 1915 Sergt William E Lynn Royal Irish Fusiliers killed at Mailly Maillet 16th July 1916 Private John Lynn Royal Irish Fusiliers killed at Ypres 9th August 1916 also Sergt James Lynn ASC died on active service at Haifa Palestine 6th Aug

Only1intheUSA: USPS Board of Govenors: John Barger, Ron Bloom, Robert Duncan, Roman Martinez lV, Donald Moak, William Zollars. Sober in style men, some with military service, some with union experience. With connections to banking, transportation and international business.

eagleland006: For those wondering about precedent regarding the White House as a Funeral Service for family of a President, in regards to Robert Trump, I believe this was set in 1862 with President Lincoln's son, "Willie" William Wallace Lincoln.

myrubypearl: WAIT WAIT WAIT ‼️‼️ Voter registration needs an address and identification. The USPS proves a place of residence and a company like Robert Trump’s CertiPath certifies identification? CertiPath was just awarded a $33 million contract by William Barr’s U.S Marshals Service

wmdewolf: Directors of Postal Service: Robert Duncan, Kentucky, friend of Mitch McConnell. Donald Moak, Florida, friend of Donald Trump John Barger, spent several years at Deutsche Bk London William Zollers, Received $700 MILLION as a COVID loan for his troubled company, YRC Worldwide

michele5411: The USPS currently employs nearly 100K Military members and Vets. Robert M Duncan = no military service John M Barger = no service Ron A Bloom = no service Roman Martinez = no service Donald L. Moak = Navy pilot William D. Zollars = National Guard Louis DeJoy = no service

danhaddock3: Robert William Service- A Grain of Sand

TanjaBoness: 2/ Poet Robert William Service moved to Scotland at the age of five, living with his grandfather and three aunts until his parents moved to Glasgow four years later where the family reunited.

stromataco: "We trust Christ to save us, and this leaves us free to live for the welfare and salvation of other men." Robert William Dale : The Laws of Christ for Common Life. Chapter 7. Courtesy and the Spirit of Service

abackyardpoet: Robert William Service from England to Ayrshire in Scotland to become the Bard of the Yukon... an intro here to ‘the men that don’t fit in’ full poem here

NatMus_SWE_bot: Frederick William Robert Stewart, 4th Marquess of Londonderry, 1805-1872, Simon Jacques Rochard, 19??

HaymarketLocal: Robert “Bob” Seefeldt, husband of former Prince William Board Chair husband dies, leaves a legacy of service

PotomacLocal: Robert “Bob” Seefeldt, husband of former Prince William Board Chair husband dies, leaves a legacy of service

RobertWService: New video uploaded, enjoy watching it

m00nburnt: "The Law of the Yukon" by Robert William Service Full Text:

RobertWService: New video uploaded, enjoy watching it

GaDNRLE: Today is National Peace Officers Memorial Day. Remembering our 8 Game Wardens who gave their lives in service to Georgians. Cpl Rocky Wainwright Rgr William Bryant Rgr Charles Mercer, Jr. Rgr William Hobbs Rgr Asa Thornton GW Lonnie Boggus GW Robert Sizemore GW James Waller

RobertWService: New video uploaded, enjoy watching it

ADS_connects: An amazing speech: Dr. Robert George, on receiving the William L Armstrong Award for a lifetime of service to the founding principles, Western Conservative Summit 2019

jamiebhoy2009: 227 years of service from just six Celtic men. John McKillop served on the Board from 1921 to 1941. His uncle William McKillop was a founding father. Robert Kelly served on the Board from 1932 to his death in 1971. His father James Kelly played in our first match, was our first

bay_art: 16+ Best Robert William Service Poems Everyone Should Read

JonathanD1962: There were significant inter-connections within this group & it's influence in English politics over 100+ years immense. Eg Anne, Parker, Cranmer, Cromwell. Elizabeth's key minister William Cecil entered Gov service under Edward with Cranmer as AoC, 'succeeded' by his son Robert.

NdindiNyoro: Earlier today during the send off service of Mwalimu Robert Mwaura at Kandara. He was Dad to Mr our friend Mr Anthony Mwaura. Fare thee well Mzee. Thank you H.E DP William Ruto for condoling with the people of Murang'a. We are African and Africa is our Business..

citybookspgh: Birthdays today: Poet Robert Service (1874-1958) & William Kennedy (b. 1928).

bufocalvin: Happy bookish birthdays (16 January) to William Kennedy (Ironweed), Susan Sontag (On Photography), Robert W. Service (Songs of a Sourdough)...

DavidNeagle: I've posted about "The Call of the Wild" poem by Robert William Service before and in today's blog post I've shared it again along with 2 important reflection questions. If you haven't read it you can find it here:

NeilDrysdale: A memorial service is being held in April for the victims of a Lancaster crash which killed seven men, including Aberdonian William MacLennan. Please share! Family of Second World War pilot invited to Netherlands memorial service in …

wyotoday: Robert “Bob” William Schlichting -

BarbMcQuade: Barr’s divisive comments are unworthy of an AG. We should all be grateful for the sacrifices and service of police officers, but misconduct should be called out and addressed. Blind devotion is not a requirement for receiving police service.

tehsmom: Laziness by Robert William Service Let laureates sing with rapturous swing Of the wonder and glory of work; Let pulpiteers preach and with passion impeach The indolent wretches who shirk. No doubt they are right: in…

Jill56192398: RIP daddy William Robert Phillips I 7/18/35 to 2/17/ 13 Korean War Veteran US Army Salute to your service !

MikePet80634096: CAMPBELL, JOHN FRANCIS JR EMBERT, JOHN FORREST, ROBERT ERWOOD GREEN, ROBERT LEE SHERIDAN, JAMES TEASLEY, FRANK SHORTLEY WALLENGREN, WILLIAM HARRY Funeral Service to be held Tue, 12 Nov 2019, starting at 200 pm Georgia National Cemetery 1080 Scott Hudgens Dr. Canton, GA.

TheAndyLongo1: Unsure why the life long service of William Taylor is on display. The same occurred with Robert Mueller. The character and servant leadership of others will not make a blind man see.

DavidJHarrisJr: President Trump selected Sarah Sanders to serve on the J. William Fulbright Scholarship Board, returning the former White House press secretary to public service....

NYwaterEnviro: Hats off to the NY members recognized during the Awards Celebration, Mayor William Barlow from the City of Oswego, Dr. Robert Sharp for becoming a WEF Fellow, & Jeanette Brown for receiving the Emerson Distinguished Service Medal. [5/6]

UMRACUHO: It’s not too late to spend this evening to nominate great candidates for the William B Sweet Distinguished Service Award, Robert E Mosier Professional Enrichment Award, Outstanding New Professionals Award, and Support Staff Recognition Award at

cbaalbany: Congratulations to the 2019 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees: Herbert J. Moreland ’69, Mark T. Fagan ’79, Sean B. Murphy ’86, Thomas J. Dwyer ’91, Joseph A. Bova ’05 and William Mehleisen Distinguished Service Award recipients Robert J. Forster ’47 and Don Gallagher. Go Brothers!

buttifants: Andrew William Robert WYATT, as director I hold you responsible where I suggest that your company SGS Engineering have failed their staff by not educating them to the basics understanding the importance of customer service, common sense, curtesy and the UK sale of goods act 1979.

petranajournal5: My pleasure to film this unique anniversary! The commemorative event combined with a thanksgiving service took place in the Scottish village of Abernethy. The 140th anniversary of the birth of Robert William Seton Watson. Min. 23:04.

rh0desy: They were separated by onlookers but, after the service, William and some of his henchmen ambushed Robert. Swords were drawn and William was killed. Robert was dragged away by William’s entourage, beaten senseless and left for dead. 2/3

rh0desy: THE STORY OF LEEDS PART 22- MEDIEVAL MURDER The earliest recorded murder suspect in Leeds was Robert de Ledes of North Hall in 1318. Robert was in dispute with William de Wayte over a gambling debt. Violence between them erupted before a service at Leeds Parish Church. 1/3

kuhauganda: I spent the whole day at our countryside home in Kinyamaseke where we had a memorial service dedicated to a brother of ours Baluku Binaisa William Musubaho who passed on some weeks back in the Democratic Republic...

Silverhair4Real: While I’m disappointed Robert Mueller stayed his course in his self-described role as prosecutor, I thank him for his amazing service & the fact he won’t deviate from his value system. Great role model for our kids! Donald Trump & William Barr aren’t fit to lick Mueller’s shoes.

MyAlliesNews: Admiral to lead Navy instead will retire; bad judgment citedWASHINGTON (AP) — The Navy admiral set to become his service's top officer on Aug. 1 says he will instead retire.The extraordinary downfall of A...

mz_rahela: For God knows it is good to give; We may not have so long to live, So if we can, Let’s do each day a kindly deed, And stretch a hand to those in need, Bird, beast or man. - Robert William Service

southern__bread: NPR - Selective Service Registration Comes Under Fire Again: "But Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Mueller, for reasons know only to himself and his then-boss, US Attorney (later Governor of Massachusetts) William Weld, had me indicted in Boston in what ...

smilinglilady62: Thank you for your service and to my fallen heros: William Perry, Al Sommers, Frank Salmon Jr., and Robert Kent RIP

JUICE002233: On Memorial Day we honor those who gave all for us to have our freedom! From our family people who have service in the military and have passed away Jerry Lee Yeager Sr., Uncle Venor, Robert Cagle, William E. Welch,…

bishcricket: Our sympathies and thoughts are with David, Louise, Robert, Joanna and William and their families. There will be a Celebration of Liz’s life in a Service of Remembrance and Celebration at St. Michael's Church, Bishop’s Stortford and details will be posted in due course.

hack3d_exe: Robert Burns was born on 25 January 1759 in the village of Alloway, near Ayr. His father was William Burnes, a ga… — i absolutely adore this man thank you for your service you're doing god's work.

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