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kuhauganda: I spent the whole day at our countryside home in Kinyamaseke where we had a memorial service dedicated to a brother of ours Baluku Binaisa William Musubaho who passed on some weeks back in the Democratic Republic...

Silverhair4Real: While I’m disappointed Robert Mueller stayed his course in his self-described role as prosecutor, I thank him for his amazing service & the fact he won’t deviate from his value system. Great role model for our kids! Donald Trump & William Barr aren’t fit to lick Mueller’s shoes.

MyAlliesNews: Admiral to lead Navy instead will retire; bad judgment citedWASHINGTON (AP) — The Navy admiral set to become his service's top officer on Aug. 1 says he will instead retire.The extraordinary downfall of A...

mz_rahela: For God knows it is good to give; We may not have so long to live, So if we can, Let’s do each day a kindly deed, And stretch a hand to those in need, Bird, beast or man. - Robert William Service

southern__bread: NPR - Selective Service Registration Comes Under Fire Again: "But Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Mueller, for reasons know only to himself and his then-boss, US Attorney (later Governor of Massachusetts) William Weld, had me indicted in Boston in what ...

smilinglilady62: Thank you for your service and to my fallen heros: William Perry, Al Sommers, Frank Salmon Jr., and Robert Kent RIP

JUICE002233: On Memorial Day we honor those who gave all for us to have our freedom! From our family people who have service in the military and have passed away Jerry Lee Yeager Sr., Uncle Venor, Robert Cagle, William E. Welch,…

bishcricket: Our sympathies and thoughts are with David, Louise, Robert, Joanna and William and their families. There will be a Celebration of Liz’s life in a Service of Remembrance and Celebration at St. Michael's Church, Bishop’s Stortford and details will be posted in due course.

hack3d_exe: Robert Burns was born on 25 January 1759 in the village of Alloway, near Ayr. His father was William Burnes, a ga… — i absolutely adore this man thank you for your service you're doing god's work.

musicrecbot: Take a listen to: Fore-Warning by Robert William Service

TheMysteriousHC: I now have a whole little poetry shelf, something that might seem a bit surprising, since I owned few poetry books 5 years ago. But over half of the books are Ogden Nash collections, and some of the others are by Robert W. Service and William McGonagall... ☺

smithie1: Mueller complained to Barr about report summary: The truth is coming out & Barr’s malfeasance in the service of trump is being exposed

theplace2be: My Masterpiece - Poem by Robert William Service

theplace2be: It's worn and torn and travel-tossed, And even dusky natives quote That classic that the world has lost, The Little Book I Never Wrote ... Robert William Service

thePGR: Upcoming Mission for Anatomical Service: 1.  PFC William B. Dechent - Army 2. S1C Navy Leondies Montague - USN 3. FTMSN Robert K. Bailey - Navy 4.  SA Robert D. Palmer - Coast Guard 5.  PFC Lawrence E. Poteat - Army 6.  PFC George R. East - Army 7.  LCDR Chesney W. Hardy - Na

BryanBraga_: ...Trump should face a GOP challenger and get removed through the ballot box. Robert Mueller needs to be thanked for his service and William Barr should too.

Strike7M: My parents Robert William Matthews III, Vashti Turley Murphy Matthews

dorabee2018: MSNBC, Robert Mueller and his wife came out of Easter Sunday Service’s allow them please to enjoy their Easter with his family. I think Mueller and his team will be served with Subpoena’s and will testify. I could care less about William Barr and his family go bother them!

poetryenglish1: Beachcomber

Marylou35174687: Cowardice - Poem by Robert William Service

poet_hadi: "And which was right still puzzles me: Perhaps one should be blind to see." -Robert William Service, Two Blind Men...

UteMedley: Be master of your petty annoyances and conserve your energies for the big, worthwhile things. It isn't the mountain...

ReverseKarma11: "I have known Bob Mueller for 30 years," Barr said. "We worked closely together throughout my tenure at DOJ under P...

poetryenglish1: New Year's Eve

diversityY3S: The Men That Don't Fit In - Poem by Robert William Service

pintyi: Robert William Service Poems - Poems of Robert William Service - Poem Hunter

KwameSomPimpong: Length of service of the last 9 Secretaries of Defense Les Aspin - '93-'94 William Perry - '94-'97 William Cohen...

ebd_edwards: Another Summary of Service for Pvt. W.R. Brix (406479). Attested claiming age 36 in 1915. Discharged 1918 at real a...

azgreenday: Yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie, just as surely as The Cremation of Sam McGee is a Christmas poem....

ImWithLenin: Remember, the CIA writes the headlines. Let's visit pas network co-operatives just as a little reminder: William...

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