My Favourite Fan Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Being a writer I receiveA
Sweet screeds from folk of every landB
Some are so weird you'd scarce believeA
And some quite hard to understandB
But as a conscientious manC
I type my thanks to all I canC
So when I got a foreign scrawlD
That spider webbed across the pageE
Said I This is the worst of allD
No doubt a child of tender ageE
Has written it so I'll be kindF
And send an answer to her mindF
Promptly I typed a nice replyG
And thought that it would be the endH
But in due course confused was IG
To get a letter signed Your FriendH
And with it full of girlish graceI
A snapshot of a winsome faceI
I am afraid she wrote to meJ
That you must have bees sure surprisedK
At my poor penmanship You seeJ
My arms and legs are paralyzedK
With pen held in a sort of sheathL
I do my writing with my teethL
Though sadness followed my amazeM
And pity too I must confessN
The look that lit her laughing gazeM
Was one of sunny happinessO
Oh spirit of a heroineP
Your smile so tender so divineQ
I pray may never cease to shineQ

Robert William Service


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