The Vail Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Through the spectrum of ethereal plainA
lights follow the issuing wisdom trainA
Spoken of by fair nymphs pointing to those beamsB
the Vail of belief to adore and its waiting redeemsB
To proof the superiority of a belief to the faith of anotherC
is not knowing the language of the brotherC
The trustworthy celestial soul brings forth allD
for it assimilates all in its own being of totalE
The lover of souls and server of humanityF
have no law or books but perfect natures certaintyF
The road of duty leading to that purposeG
simple reasons without a fancy circusG
To delve into matter that matters littleE
raising dust to visions very fickleE
The believer sustenance is his faithH
reasons belonging to earth and heavens waitI
Its depth is heavenly and surface earthlyF
filling the gab in form of reasons firstlyF
The middle part that unite that stageJ
fabulous stories of antiquity fitting that pageJ
Happiness is the sustenance and its own beingK
therefore in seeking the story for happiness seeingK
The stage with the Vail is the seeking delveL
of the godly treasures in oneselfM

Robert Rittel
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 11/21/2020


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