It came out of a powerful dream so radiant,
captured that all behold transfigured stimulant.
The heavens opened in all its glory by a note,
from the bottom of silent dark sounded forth.
One low and one high pitch creating a globe,
forthwith to turn a spiral octave strobe.
Slowly beginning a stringing of hymn,
weaving each day into a magic dim.
That sunrise starts singing to the valley,
the springs to the streams rhythm pulse alley.
Plugging bases from river to ocean,
clarinet and oboe flow in playful potion.
The vibrating air now in choir harmony,
opens the flowers to complete this symphony.
Sighs and shivers come from the bosom of earth,
the stars unfold into infinity rebirth.
Swerves and turns back on itself sensation,
contracts and expands the germ of creation.
Music of other worlds magnificent,
infinite harmonic order so vigilant.