The reasoning ladder by which one can rise,
needs a wall of faith or it becomes a falling prize.
Purpose divine reason do not agree,
with earthy desires and reasons to plea.
The great factor of reason and possibilities,
provides every curse and bliss facilities.
Daring is preferred to face the fearing malady,
against all odds and wondering remedy.
While others astonishment is nothing but,
the limited ignorance reflecting in that.
To touch reality reasons have to rise above facts,
and words that hides reality from any acts.
Failure follows upon weakness somewhere,
wrong direction leading to the opposite end aware.
Death and life feels at the same time,
benefits by almighty realization prime.
The virtue of duty in its own pleasure,
done unwillingly becomes a slavery measure.
Critical tendency and its reason of an agitated mind,
pursuit the impossible is the magical kind.
Sensation is the shadow of exaltation,
worshipping love is the hand of creation.
Reasons why all learning becomes pale,
once divine reasons proof to be, the "Holy Grail".