Oh sweet hovering dream of long weekend,
mental pensioners on Morpheus train godsend.
Nymphic muses entertaining with hot-cross-buns,
slightly toasted with jam and butter runs.
To hit the sense of gratitude to the wisdoms cup,
that foamy coffee contributes to extinction sum up.
That buzz that should wake on up not to consume,
and therefore not creating a weaker view.
Wicked desires and praise above deserve,
forget oneself to some marble will subserve.
To consume regardless heavy downward cast,
taken earth resources far to fast.
Cocoa eggs and bunnies sickening state,
hyper obesity and musing gait.
Less is more for every shopping list,
natures unbalance is coming with the mist.
Retire oneself from indulgent leisure,
creating gardens of source-full pleasure.
To bless the doors of immunity harm,
mother natures healing charm.
The consumer train by now of the tracks,
while misplaced love as guilt shopping acts.
The prophetic strain with heavenly guided souls being bold,
ancient stars and its prophesies foretold.