Once upon a time in Persia there was a monk,
in the monasteries of Euprepius eloquent.

To become Bishop of Constantinople in 428,
extirpating heretics of every sort - to abate.

Nestorius considered that Christ as a mere man,
denying his divinity as much as he can.

By St. Cyril, bishop of Alexandria interventions,
setting motions to Nestorius poor intentions.

Condemned by the church as heresy to Christ,
the full humanity of the body and his divine Geist.

Divide him into two persons, the one human,
and the other utterly in divine God’s son.

From orthodox point of view, incarnation is denied,
rather a God inspired man than a God made man beside.

Nestorianism becomes the victim of own intolerance,
teaching prosopic union like a painter with his brush reference.

So that the Son of God is human self manifestation,
by human power as a single object of presentation.

The Roman Empire crushed those beliefs and its frontiers,
even that religion was not the enemy of Roman war gears.

Theologian’s still pursue through preaching done,
still after declared heretical in 431.

Dissociate identity disorder by common sense,
multiple emotions in creative force in hence.

Consciousness in a single multidimensional self,
God’s individuality in all natures’ wisdom, and in thyself.