When intention and ideal are felt in the blood and state,
manifestations regardless of tempting fate.
Like moving shadows creeping along the wall,
the dust of time levels differently for all.
Boasting whenever the light of shifting deed,
action of the just as emotional seed.
Dressing moments with moisten eyes,
capturing audience intention rise.
Inferior anxieties and the invisible mirror,
wondering lovers acting to be queerer.
Delighted love and its tragic spoils,
confined places and its artful toils.
Common fate of unique things rare,
small part of image hope to share.
Unconsciously paying for happiness,
in order to buy pleasure to have aimlessness.
The moral defeat here becomes a success,
the truth of oneself as greatest progress.
Dark clouds is the romance with the rain,
leveling the dust on the road in vain.
A lullaby to those who are still meant to sleep,
a message to awake for those who realize the keep.