The heart has its mind in its palm,
the veiled face of soul so calm.
The hands of heart so bountiful,
making the tender mind resourceful.
When the heart speaks through tears,
the eyes of perception in different gears.
Whispers of heart so keen,
the distance of heartfelt is seen.
In the silence of the heart,
every far reaching cry alert.
Perception of heart in a sigh,
answers one know to relay.
The journey of the heart is mysterious,
when the breath of same reveals its tenderness.
Eternal youth by heart of child,
simple expressions in its kind.
The deity of heart is the ideal,
constant yearning to that similar.
Changing heart beat by beauties awe,
when great spirits attend its call.
The healing heart as intellect,
making all misfortunes perfect.
When the invisible pain of love it feels,
the heart that can all its wound heals.
The heart and its longing towards bliss,
faithfully working not a beat to miss.