By all means the stars in splendid time,
have exquisite planets with aspect of extra shine.
Born are the glorious children by natures elegant,
making angelic charisma very relevant.
Breathtaking charming allure,
dazzling bewitching amore.
Death on hold by appearance,
easy on the eye perseverance.
The cause to stop immediately,
natures reminder of love initially.
Absolutely drop dead gorgeous,
artistic elegant flawless.
Death by beauty in lure of beauties boredom,
when goodness faints before that stardom.
Sensuous fatal admiration,
tickles of laughter sensation.
The bucket list to promised attention,
stardoms garden in ideal captivation.
Splendid delight in commercial abuse,
until death us apart with no excuse.
It sucked the honey out of their breath,
Romeo and Juliet claimed that beauty in death.
The exquisite exaggeration in awe,
is the attention seeking straw.
While poisons beauty products still claim,
awesomeness has no shame.