16 minutes of life
He is fidgeting uncontrollably, breathing slowly but the alarm clocks harps happily.
Indicating 16 minutes of more pain..
Through the chaos of nerves in his brain he calculates the time, revaluates his plan and awaits death.
16 minutes ago, he swallowed 17 pills. Each one for each scar on his soul...
Something told him each morning to not to wake up for past few years but today was the day he finally obliged.
He finally gave up to monsters under his bed and inside his mind..
12 minutes to go, He sees birds chirping at his window. He wants to get up and fly with them but he is a faller not meant to fly.
8 minutes to go, he sees his family smiling in his pictures from years ago and he suddenly wants to see them smile again but knows he is leaving them nothing but misery.
4 minutes to go, pain seeps along with darkness in bright sunny sunday morning in his room and he wants to hold on to darkness and make his way to another agonizing morning until he finally willingly wants to wake up the next morning but he leaves himself no choice.
2 minutes to go, He hears turning of a knob. It's the wind. he wants to smile but he can't. He wants to feel this everyday but he couldn't.
Someone shouts, Someone cries. It's his consciousness
1 minute and 30 seconds to go, darkness finally embraces him.
After 8 days, he wakes up in a hospital, Smiles widely at his family, Laughs to himself and realises.
It took him only 16 minutes in his 17 years of his entire life to learn to live.
- Riya Saluja