Walking down my old house's lane,
I happened to look at the window pane.
Faded were the traces of human history,
Their existence was of unsolved mystery.
I wondered how things had come to pass,
In such little time as this was.
Was the world destined for this,
Filled with machines, no place for bliss?

I am the only human to bloom,
In this earth, so filled with gloom.
I look everywhere for one to find,
Who is like me and of my kind.
But dejection and loneliness turns me blind,
As my only companion is my mind.
Wiped out is the entire human race,
With no robots no care for their trace.

As I got ready for returning home,
I happened to see a nest like a dome.
The chirping birds gave me the hope,
That this loneliness was not long to cope.
Clinging to this last thought of mine,
I hurried homewards as the clock struck nine.
I knew that the wait would not be long,
Until again, the human beings would throng.