Tumbling down the mountain head,
My heart is preserved in my bed,
I only run, I cannot walk,
I have the beautiful sky to stalk.
Down the valley, through the plains,
I am waiting for the cloud that rains,
I am the maiden of the mist,
I go on flowing with a twist.

I make the hearts of people pure,
They worship me like gods, for sure.
They come to me to find solace,
And go back with a happy face.
Some give me garlands of marigolds,
And some silk clothes with many folds.
I do love carrying these wondrous gifts,
In my water, along the drifts.

In the cool night, under the moon,
After the dreariness and heat of the noon,
I happily flow like silver that glows,
The night wind soothes me when it blows.
I go on without stopping for a rest,
As that is what I like the best.
I will keep running as the days go by,
Till my distant end is anigh.