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  • Stormswept...!
    Sitting in a corner of lightless rooms,
    Among the thunder and the lightning booms,
    No gurantee of life or livelihood,
    Or certainty of getting water or food. ...
  • The Natural Adventurer!
    Blowing from the time of dreary noon,
    Till the moon shines in its royal shoon,
    Tirelessly whistling and whirring around,
    With nobody born to keep it bound. ...
  • Faultless Imprisonment!
    In this world of technological rise,
    With just a blink of our eyes,
    Which has so modernized our lives,
    That it runs as smooth as knives. ...
  • The World After War.
    Not a morsel of food was to be found,
    Nor a drop of water made a pattering sound,
    After facing the curse of damnation,
    Which paralysed the entire Earth's population. ...
  • The Beauty Of Lockdown!
    We are in a time of unlimited woes,
    As the life on Earth, daily slows,
    With agony and sorrow all around,
    And uncountable burial sites on the ground. ...
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