God the Father
Jesus the Christ and beloved Son
And the Holy Spirit of the Living God

I feel like I am failing at life
And experiencing much strife
I know that your Holy word says we are to expect that,
But in these ways?
It just seem sad.
I mean, being persecuted, I can understand, but failing at business, is that the plan?
Swimming upstream to what society says and does, is a given because, the word written under your inspiration say that this is the situation.
But failing at finding purpose and direction, missing that very intention you have for me, wasting away the little days we have here on this earth.
Doing a job that I hate, failing to communicate the gospel to my very closest mates.

Being a husband is no joke, almost as if you are on a slippery slope, and that slope is waiting for you to choke up and slip.

Being a father of 2 is the second most precious gift you have given. The death and resurrection from the cross come first from every direction.
But trying to raise kids in a godly way when secularism, atheism, relativism, culturalism and small house full of "isims" is running rampant in every way and influencing and perverting their little minds.
Not only theirs, but ours.

Who knew it could be so difficult for the main influencer to influence the myrmidon.
Lord it is truly only by your grace that it is possible for such things to happen.

There it is out in the open
I will not let this become my slogan.
But 5 main areas of my life, under tremendous strain and strife.
Please can you help me LORD and savior, with you I will not be in danger.
Your grace is promised and is enough for us to overcome all of this stuff.