Everybody is asking what is happening in their own heads and they are not even expressing it in any other way but action
I wish I could verbally identify where the people say we are so that I can take us to an even higher level of admiration for each other
I am always thinking about her and she is always thinking about me
I am not even worried whose thinking about who more
I am just certain that she is the one that is different from all the others that I have seen
I have heard plenty things and I have witnessed it myself that the situation was an opportunity
I have been enriching the connection with her ever since it has started and i am willing to go as far as possible to identify what is missing
There may be problems but it will not be a problem to solve the issues that we are going through together
I am certain that this may be the deepest that I have ever went
We are one and I cannot hang with my friends more than I hang with you because you are my choice of distraction
She is unlike anything I have ever seen before and I am constantly satisfied by discovering different things all the time about her
She makes me feel very good about myself and therefore I have to secure the situation that I am experiencing with her
I am determined to make things work out between us so that I may know how to go forward for even myself
That is something I have seen that you have seen in me and that it what attracts me to learning more about even what myself wants to become in a better form of character
I am in constant pleasure because I am certain that I need to sacrifice for what I want us to achieve together
We are just lie a team or more likely a co binational because a team consistes of several
We have blended with each other and that is what I like about you