I must have it because I feel as though I am working hard enough to have it
There are many people that are giving me the faith that I need which is the reason that I carry on moving the way I have been walking without the influence that I realised is a benefit
I am certain of where I want to go in the future and I am sure of what I need to create as a foundation of what is proof that I want to seem as someone who deserves to be given the opportunity to do what I want to do
There are no problems with where I am going but the problem is the way I am feeling about going there
I feel as though I am getting ready each day more than the previous day I had been surprised
I am getting more surprised every day
The story cannot end because someone I see is not agreeing with my decisions
People are different and that is why I choose to believe in the ones that trust that I am making the right decisions
I can feel it that this is the plan of God
That is what keeps me going and being very accurate about my decisions
There is more faith because of the voices I hear
I am more confident because there are associations that I am making that I feel are very beneficial for me
The things I see are different before I seem to ask for something
There are things that appear safe until you reach for them and realise that they are not as secure as the decision you expected to recieve
Therefore it is fair enough that no one should expect anything in the association of that sort
I am moving forward and it does not affect me because I am at peace with the things that I do
I gain peace from seeing how what I am doing is recieved by the ones that see me
I am certain that the words I say will not be understood because I feel as though they will be the surface of what is understood through the actions that are shown
Therefore I am not certain that it will work out until I recieve acknowledgement of what I am doing
I am certain everything I plan for will work out because I have expressed myself in a way that I have proven deserves to be understood by taking a sacrifice