Give Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I find it pleasing to give because I am getting what I feel is essential for the situationA
My intention is to prove that what is done by someone else is something I can learn practice and interpret into real life situationsB
I find it challenging to merge all this illusion of wanting to make the unbelievable achievements a mysteryC
Making it a mystery has helped me to achieve a lot more than I had expected and therefore I am working harder for myselfD
My intention is to be independent and reach a level of success that is respectedE
I am peaceful either way that things goF
I am very thankful for everything I have recieved from the friends that I have and therefore I am planning on being as creative as I possibly can becomeG
My level of creativity has been inspired by artists and therefore I have chosen to become an artist myselfD
It is hard to sometimes please crowds of all sorts and therefore one must just stick true to their rootsH
We are often having fun whenever we want to do something and we are just living life the way we think is rightI
We have a belief system that wants a certified level of security so that we may be able to chase our dreamsJ
What we do influences people of all sorts and therefore what we accomplish is something we can recieve inspiration from by simply seeing someone do the same thing as usK
We are united through multiple thing because we have a lot in commonA
We both have female friends that we are interacting with and this is a topic that we bring to utmost conversation skill when we interact ourselvesL
That is the reason this friendship is solid and both of us share the same gratitude for the opportunity to motivate each other the way we already haveM
The future holds possibilities of artistry that are unlimited for usK

Reatlegile Marumolwa
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 03/18/2020


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