We must learn that the effort that we put in a certain place will reflect itself through other people's actions
The level of accomplishment that we reach must be determined by what we go after
We must cruise to victory depending on where our path takes us
The things that we end up being g in are often the ways that others treat us
We are given the opportunity to prove what we are in through the actions that we give
When we give a level of accomplishment as a form of consideration we realise what we are doing
The level of recognition that w pe place in ourselves is determined by the level that we reach in affection
We must attack our dreams
We must defend our dreams
We must fight for our dreams
We must reach for our dreams
We must realise that there are things that we do that are often and frequently the characters that we keep
The dreams that we set for ourselves are often the thi gs that we know about
We must realise that in day to day life, there is a li it to thi gs that we can do
We must face the facts of what is happening and we must make friends that understand what we are going through
We must make the worthy connections that can help us to defend ourselves
We must secure what we love the most
We must keep it in reach as if it is very possible as a miracle
That is when we realise that we seem limitless by being normal
We must strive for our dreams
We must achieve our dreams
We must protect our dreams
We must have a passion for our dreams
We must defeat the word that is laziness so that we can obtain our dreams
The things that we have to do are place each and every one of our achievements all in the same place
We must move forward and we must realise how to obtain progress from situations
The thi gs that we need to do are limit the potential that we have to do what is against our dreams
That is how we attack what we do not need and flush it out of our knowledge
We reach a different level every time we obtain something that we have got over
We must realise that there are things that we opened to do to determine where we are going
These things are realizing every capability that we need to move forward
We must oppose laziness so that we can be happy
When we become happy we realise that there are things that unfold against and help us be calm