Lockdown is set 
Roads are deserted

No one is out 
Lovers cant meet
Neither relatives nor friend
Only massages could send
Animals move free cause they are undisturbed

Farmers Backbone is broken 
People blame covid nineteen

Unemployment, Hunger has widened 
Workers are displaced and sad unearned

Government has announced package 
Still we don't understand nature's rage

Some remember India's history of untouchability
Practicing social distancing with credibility 

To remove corona Some bear confidence 
What about the nature we denounce

Offices, Schools, colleges are forced to shut
Salaries of  all  is cut 
Some lost lives Some lost beloved some lost beau
Some asked how can I help you

Corona is very deadly disease 
All are waiting when it will cease

Many are dying some are quarantined
 Some are asking how long corona wil be strained 

Prime minister appeals not to go out 
But everyone is worried when we will move out

Sometime appeals to praise corona warriors 
Sometimes to light earthen light
But who will see the workers plight

People are asked to wash hand
But who take poors' stand

Migrants workers waited for months
At last hunger made them walk long
some gave slogan - "Go Corona Go..."
to invent Corona vaccine scientists and industrialist - Im first tried to show

Wherever we stand lets understand
Otherwise it will be out of our hand