We are seated together
Thinking on our togetherness
Laughing out the past
Where will I go
If weren’t around
I found joy with you

But why stop suddenly
The movies of life jacked
Comedy converted to tragedy
You left the tragic man
Seated thinking
Joyfully of the past
Dreaming like joseph the dreamer
Confusedly sleeping
In the world of nowhere

Where do I go
What can I say
You left me seated alone
Trying to reach you again

I couldn’t reach you
Checking my phone for network
It was blinking like
A detected metal
My heart missed three steps
In search of you
Replaced by a sudden tear
I couldn’t hold myself
Because you excused me
And left me alone

I read some holy books
Looking forth to comfort me
But it couldn’t

I have searched allover
Couldn’t find no other
That tells me why I think
The sunshine dry’s my tear

Come back and comfort me
Let our love begin again
So that the world will be envious
I lonely sat at that spot
We shared love stories
Communicating to the air
And also the trees around

My heart will patiently wait
For your joyful return
The republic of my heart will rejoice.