Slowly slowly
Carefree and carelessly
You are driving her back to
her shell.

Little by little
She keeps trying to make
You see the light of her emotions
Yet you tried to justify your actions.

You blatantly turn your eyes
Away from her,
Questioning her naivety
You stood as strong as a rock.

Umoved and unshaken
Pride and ego rule over your heart
Like the water over the sea,
Ignoring the voice of her protest.

The verdict is pronounced
Unjust judgment judged
By a just king,
He unknowingly pushed her off the cliff.

She closed her eyes tight
And prayed to heaven,
She surrendered, yet pained
The gentle breeze lamented
Heaven wept bitterly for its last creation.

She never express herself again
Her resentment and anger
Never saw the light of day
Her pains and hurts are locked up
in the Prison of her pride.

The depth of her pain
Is as deep as the sea,
Which will remain hidden.

Nuturing her emotions alone
Her scars take her back to the
memory lane,
It reminds her that, it's a man's world.

It hurts, that she is just a damsel
Who will remain in her shell
She is totally alone.