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I (prerna) know that I am special and there's no one else out there that's like me... so enjoy! (smile) I was born in Indore on July 21, 1996. I had a very simple and happy childhood, and my only sibling, my younger brother, would appear three year later after my own birth. I lived in indore , and then moved to Shree anand higher secondary school Nicknames: sony Nationality: Indian Religion: Hindu Marathi mulgii Heroes: My Mom and my dad Interests: writings, poetry, social work Art and crafts Graduated from: Mata jija bai girla p.g college indore at 2017 And now i pursuing mca from school of computer science and it.davv indore...
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  • Gannujii Jaldi Aao
    माला लागली रे बाप्पा
    तुझ्या येण्याची घाई
    लवकर ये रे बाप्पा तुझी
    वाट मी पाही।। ...
  • Meri City Indore
    Malwa k pathar par madhyapradesh ka shahhar Indore h...
    Kal kal kartii nadhiya shipra ki shayak h
    Ahilya ki y nagri Rajwada iski shan h...
    Khan nadhi par isdhit lalabagh ka mahal h ...
  • Ajnabii
    Ek rasta tha ajnabi sa
    Koi anjana takra gaya
    Raste the alag hamare
    Par ajnabi Milke apna bana gaya ...
  • थिंब थिंब पाउस पडला [marathi]
    थिंब थिंब पाउस पडला म पडा ला का रे उशीर केला
    थिंब थिंब पाउस पडला म पडा ला का रे उशीर केला

    फुल पान सगल काही ओले झाले ...
  • कहीं देखा हैं
    कहीं देखा हैं तुमने उसे जो मुझे सताया करता था जब भी उदास होती थी मैं
    कहीं देखा हैं तुमने उसे 
    जो मुझे सताया करता था 
    जब भी उदास होती थी मैं  ...
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