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  • The Washington Memorial Ode
    Certain events, like architects, build up
    Viewless cathedrals, in whose aisles the cup
    Of some impressive sacrament is kist -
    Where thankful nations taste the Eucharist. ...
  • A King's Gratitude
    Plain men have fitful moods and so have Kings,
    For Kings are only men, and often made
    Of clay as common as e'er stained a spade.
    But when the great are moody, then, the strings ...
  • Arms And The Man. - The Southern Colonies
    Then sweeping down below Virginia's Capes,
    From Chesapeake to where Savannah flows,
    We find the settlers laughing 'mid their grapes
    And ignorant of snows. ...
  • Arms And The Man. - The Splendid Three
    Turned back my gaze, on Spain's romantic shore
    I see Gaul bending by the grave of Moore,
    And later, when the page of Fame I scan
    I see brave France at deadly Inkerman, ...
  • Three Names
    Virginia in her proud, Colonial days
    Boasts three great names which full of glory shine;
    Two glitter like the burnished heads of spears,
    the third in tender light is half divine. ...
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