We imagine us together a picture of the front world for us bring about capturing moments dear boy forward this poem to your friends let them see Love

Through words written not sorrows of your mother's mouth but paint a flare up paintings with your video games oh dear boy your fathers love my son

Dad one day mom told of how you meet at writing about and reading about through the big 5 animals of afeika the book I heard been given was about hippos

Flarishig grande 2 your mother's mouth opened to a friend let's exchange books hers was of a lion.the friends was of an elephant so they changed books

We have been given books to read
out loud at the end of the committee week at school sure couldn't keep my eyes away from her low pitch mouth moving

Dear boy she had the most astonishing
voice I loved her every essential famishing face the glared upon my stolen iPhone an old school Mp3 player iPod

The school i enjoyed though I've moved
staying with both parents made me hole but I always wondered about you dear flower I love you too baby boo