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In men comes irrational minds that bind with us for more creations. I'm an upcoming Poet that's motivated by Dante Alighieri, the closer you are to me; Poetfien: Plantard Sekhmet by name....
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  • The Pond
    Whose pond is that? I think I know.
    Its owner is quite happy though.
    Full of joy like a vivid rainbow,
    I watch him laugh. I cry hello. ...
  • The House From Poet Daddy
    We imagine us together a picture of the front world for us bring about capturing moments dear boy forward this poem to your friends let them see Love

    Through words written not sorrows of your mother's mouth but paint a flare up paintings with your video games oh dear boy your fathers love my son
  • 36 Miscellaneous Friends
    Does not work at a store but backers
    made pancakes for us, as I listen to
    your nails scratch the surface the
    Dawson pain In my ears acs ...
  • Moth
    I saw the the fresh codfish of my generation destroyed,
    How I mourned the codling.
    A codling is crisp. a codling is unspoilt,
    a codling is saucy, however. ...
  • My Ducks In A Row
    My active duck, you inspire me to write.
    I love the way you skip, sleep and waddle,
    Invading my mind day and through the night,
    Always dreaming about the old toddle. ...
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