It isn't clear how powerful the poems
of a Ghetto Ghost lived in the gangsters prayers for family rivals and doctor's
sain sanitize the world

Bill open the gates as he was one amongst
the rich but intimidating fellow friend
Sorry I'm being undermined in lockdown
and Jesus is still not back

You had fun keep on having fun I didn't
Care less for today's meeting leave them
in peace and let them walk away said the
world's currency exchange unit

We walked and talk we saw them crawl space abandoned the care package the kids sorry you are a graphic designer
and walking free in the morning steam

Dream today fight tommorow and speak
less of what the computer says as his money didn't mean a din too the learning
kids of inn sent musks

I couldn't be hacked know more because
nobody actually cared about me because the Chinese men owned me my currency
Create more like him you fire