Maybe it's just us that we get
lockdown for a biological weapon
life twisted back and forth

the dancers where raped for
freedom so they never legalized
reservations for healing

so the monks continued to pray
Buda and left hungry let the child lose
wight waight fare and Donatello them

an old poem to be playing chess in the
gods forsaken place and divine division
for programmers playing with money

Left us to suffer no one wanted out but
continued banging our sincere
regards to a new childs the plan

What did the grand parents do change
the world with the virus spread of dishes
disappointed deserter the cream

smooth one wanted to change the world
they where given black power over the
billionaires smiled at the gun

Far beyond the scope Sagittarius and
dragon Zodiac sign lived with the
European child back home

Burning hot desire was the president of
philosophy we called it lies gangsters prayers: cousins, book of peace I

My family travelled as I watched them
glare at the Snitchs and bitchs block
Field with Ghetto children