I am an alien
I live in a world where aggression and brutality are the codes
The people of this world find fun in watching people slowly lose their breath
These people give more respect to cattle lives and less respect to human's
They conduct mass killings for cattle

The people of this world don't marry
They buy wives, two hundred cows make a good purchase
These people park V8 cars in grass thatched houses
The people of my world would use that V8 money for development
But what do I know, am just and alien

These people have large fertile lands
But they still starve
The youth have shamelessly put all their energy in gambling games
The children and the elderly are malnourished
Their leaders are playing bullet games for the chair

The people of this country have taken sides for a cause they know not
They're sleeping in refugee camps
While the "Big boys" are having fun and accumulating wealth at their expense
The people of this world don't know they have the power to make things better
But what do I know, I am just an alien.

These people don't value their nation
They're divided by tribes and clans
They're hypocrites
They call themselves "brother" in foreign lands
But a foe they call themselves in their land.
You heard me right, foe as in enemy,
Not Friends Of the Earth.

They're busy raping their mothers
And castrating their brothers
They consider that as a way to subdue other tribes,
But I find it barbaric and inhumane
But what do I know, am just an alien.