On An Apple-ripe September Morning Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


On an apple ripe September morningA
Through the mist chill fields I wentB
With a pitch fork on my shoulderC
Less for use than for devilmentB
The threshing mill was set up I knewD
In Cassidy's haggard last nightB
And we owed them a day at the threshingA
Since last year O it was delightB
To be paying bills of laughterC
And chaffy gossip in kindB
With work thrown in to ballastB
The fantasy soaring mindB
As I crossed the wooden bridge I wonderedB
As I looked into the drainE
If ever a summer morning should find meF
Shovelling up eels againG
And I thought of the wasps' nest in the bankA
And how I got chased one dayB
Leaving the drag and the scraw knife behindB
How I covered my face with hayB
The wet leaves of the cocksfootB
Polished my boots as IH
Went round by the glistening bog holesI
Lost in unthinking joyJ
I'll be carrying bags to day I musedB
The best job at the millK
With plenty of time to talk of our lovesL
As we wait for the bags to fillK
Maybe Mary might call roundB
And then I came to the haggard gateB
And I knew as I entered that I had comeM
Through fields that were part of no earthly estateB

Patrick Kavanagh


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