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MyICCLondon: Launching The Irish Cultural Centre's new online content channel ICC Digital is the award-winning film 'Patrick Kavanagh - No Man's Fool' from The Loopline Collection.

KofCMuseum: Here is a popular item from the Knights of Columbus Museum's McGivney Gallery: A 1907 painting by J. M. Kavanagh (oil on canvas) of the McGivney priest-brothers. Knights of Columbus founder Fr Michael McGivney is flanked by younger brothers Patrick (left) and John.

TomasJMurray: (Patrick Kavanagh, ‘A Star’) “Beauty was that Far vanished flame, Call it a star Wanting better name. And gaze and gaze Vaguely until Nothing is left Save a grey ghost-hill. Here wait I On the world’s rim Stretching out hands To Seraphim.”

PaulBanksss: The Lake Isle of Inisfree by Patrick Kavanagh

LetitiaFitzpatr: This was my fathers favourite song. It’s Raglan Road with words by the great Irish poet, Patrick Kavanagh.

KavanaghWeekly: From 'Patrick Kavanagh - A Biography' By Antoinette Quinn, 2001. Another cure, and a horrible one, was for scarlet fever. There was in the old village graveyard the ancient vault of the McMahon, a noted clan, and this vault was full of the skulls that gravediggers threw up.

xomalis: Who killed James Joyce? I, said the commentator, I killed James Joyce for my graduation. (Patrick Kavanagh)

IreneMohan: Patrick Kavanagh to the inspirational rescue, real poetry and so relevant. “Life pressed in the gutter yields the gutter’s dream of flowers, I have no fear, new Aprils will be ours.”

firinnemedia: A short film here about Deirdre Manifold

meelingirl: For anyone looking for some sort of solace... From “Canal Bank Walk” Patrick Kavanagh

AoifeTDoyle: Just in case anyone not familiar with this famous Irish poem it’s “Canal Bank Walk” by Patrick Kavanagh . I think everyone in Ireland likely knows it by heart!

RealTerryKinney: It's as simple as that, it's a matter Of walking with the little gods, the ignored Who are so seldom asked to write the letter Containing the word. O only free gift! No need for Art anymore When Authority whispers like Tyranny at the end of a bar. ~ Patrick Kavanagh

KavanaghWeekly: From 'Patrick Kavanagh - A Biography' By Antoinette Quinn, 2001. It was a mixture of downright madness and ignorance, and how so many of us managed to survive is a tribute to the Life Force. A good many did die, or were left with complaints that stayed with them all their lives.

vert_rayon: Leave Them Alone -Patrick Kavanagh

gcooney93: His picks were: Gut Yer Man by Patrick Kavanagh

bighappyhead: Upon a headland by a whinny hedge A hare sits looking down a leaf-lapped furrow Patrick Kavanagh 1904 - 1967

lilbulletz: reading patrick kavanagh this morning

charlesforsdick: ...a gap in a hedge, a smooth rock surfacing a narrow lane, a view of a woody meadow, the stream at the junction of four small fields – these are as much as a man can fully experience." Patrick Kavanagh

Searsons_Bar: “If ever you go to Dublin town, in a hundred years or so, Inquire for me in baggot street and what I was like to know” - Patrick Kavanagh ☘️

DoireannNiG: A year ago I fell in love with the functional ward Of a chest hospital: square cubicles in a row Plain concrete, wash basins - an art lover's woe - Patrick Kavanagh

isaireland: To celebrate World Poetry Day, welcome to a new blog we're writing, featuring Irish poems and poets that we love. We begin today with Patrick Kavanagh and 'Epic'

orla_hanratty: 'Inniskeen Road: July Evening' by Patrick distancing on stoney grey soil in Covid19 free Monaghan:)

TheIrishField: In The Irish Field this weekend: HRI boss Brian Kavanagh explains why it's right to race on. Big interview with Cheltenham heroine Maxine O'Sullivan. Patrick Mullins relives his Festival near-miss on Melon. Three-page Simon Rowlands special on Cheltenham. That's only a taster!

outofsight68: I read a lot of ann tyler. I like patrick kavanagh though. But digging by seamus heaney a great poet. So evocative

tfmullen: Wonderful creature that he was, I could never quite warm to his work knowing he had called Patrick Kavanagh "a Monaghan Wanker!"

KavanaghWeekly: From 'Patrick Kavanagh - A Biography' By Antoinette Quinn, 2001. There was one woman who had the cure, as we put it, of sciatica. A young fellow who lived beside me got a bad hip which he thought was sciatica. ...he drove of a winter's night ten miles to see this woman.

KavanaghWeekly: From 'Patrick Kavanagh - A Biography' By Antoinette Quinn, 2001. The cure was to dip his leg in a stream that ran beside the woman's house. It had to be done at midnight. This poor chap got the best of cures: he died from pneumonia and had no more trouble with his bad hip.

MallowNews: Monaghan still without a single case of coronavirus. Clearly it’s read Patrick Kavanagh’s poetry.

Buffalocrisps: Dear Leaving Cert students, if Patrick Kavanagh comes up in the exam eviscerate his WWII example of the local "trumping" Global with multiple "glocal" examples of the impact of covid19, & tie in the Selkirk/social isolation theme of Inniskeen Road: July Evening. 1/2

doreilly13: Patrick kavanagh obviously never took out his loy in Leitrim to turn a few sods before he started to lament about the stony grey soil in monaghan.

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