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JCeapog: Memory of my Father by Patrick Kavanagh

OxfordDiplomat: My mum speaking Patrick Kavanagh’s poetry in memory of her father, my granddad - Paddy Lavin. Who was a man who had the highest morals, was in local politics on the Border during the Troubles, stood on the stage with JFK, met the Pope, and gave us sweets when no one was looking.

siobhanlavincas: In Memory of my Father. Patrick Kavanagh.

SciSeekFeed: telescoper: Canal Bank Walk, by Patrick Kavanagh

kavanaghcentre: After the enforced haitus in 2020, we are delighted to announce that the Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award is taking entries for the 2021 edition. Incidentally this is the 50th anniversary of the award. See our website for more details...

maccarthy_linda: We need to 'charm back the innocence of a child's soul' Patrick Kavanagh - Irish writer and mystic.

craddockstown: Results Wed 16th June Open Mixed 18 Hole Singles S/ford Brian Kavanagh (30) 45Pts Gay McManus (15) 45Pts Div 1 Peter Keane (15) 41Pts Patrick Kavanagh (13) 41Pts Div 2 Laurence Corrigan (22) 44Pts Joe Walsh (21) 41Pts Div 3 Patrick Beirne (25) 44Pts Francis Kavanagh (29) 43Pts

chrismcglone75: Happy Bloomsday, everyone! (No, I'm not drinking. Yet.) First Bloomsday with Flann O’Brien, Patrick Kavanagh

RobertBohan: Finnegan’s Wake’s (1939) experimental style, almost Hiberno-Romanesque use of language, & disregard for convention have led to it being described as one of the most difficult tomes. It is beloved of the American academic (of whom the poet Patrick Kavanagh would form satire).

RobertBohan: Finnegan’s Wake’s (1939) experimental style, almost Hiberno-Romanesque use of language, & disregard for convention have led to it being described as one of the most difficult tomes. It is beloved of the American academic (of whom the poet Patrick Kavanagh would form satire).

irelandincolour: First Bloomsday Poets Patrick Kavanagh and Anthony Cronin at Monkstown Church beside a carriage in which they followed in the footsteps of Leopold Bloom 50 years after he traversed Dublin in Joyce's Ulysses Photo: Elinor Wiltshire 16 June 1954

JulieWard_: On a quiet street where old ghosts meet - Patrick Kavanagh and wondering is Van ok.

QuietContrary: "Will we get pensions for our day's outing?" Patrick Kavanagh had his eye on the ball as he looked back on Ireland's First Bloomsday

ursulamurphy123: June 16, 1904, when James went out with Nora. Bloomsday was 1st celebrated in Ireland in 1954 when Patrick Kavanagh, John Ryan Anthony Cronin, Flann O'Brien and Tom Joyce visited Ulysees' sites in horse-drawn cabs drinking and reading...

BaltimoreParade: Bloomsday as a cultural celebration was first observed in Dublin  by Patrick Kavanagh, Brian O'Nolan, and others on 16 Jun 1954 (the 50th anniversary of the day on which the events in Ulysses took place), as noted in this article from The Irish Echo.

NoChorus: as is custom my Da just sent me this Patrick Kavanagh poem

ThisDayIrish: This day 67 years ago – 16 June 1954 – the first 'Bloomsday' took place, to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the events in James Joyce's Ulysses. Patrick Kavanagh and Flann O'Brien were among those who tried to retrace the steps of Stephen Dedalus and Leopold Bloom across Dublin.

johnstonglenn: Patrick Kavanagh unveiled the door of 7 Eccles St. at Dublin’s Bailey pub on Bloomsday 1967. John Ryan featured his speech in the book Remembering How We Stood, noting that it was among Kavanagh’s last written compositions.

IrishAmericaMus: On the west side of the base of the Larkin monument is a quotation from the poem Jim Larkin by Patrick Kavanagh: "And Tyranny trampled them in Dublin’s gutter, Until Jim Larkin came along and cried, The call of Freedom and the call of Pride.

PMacfirbis: Bloomsday, 16 June '21 "What weapon was used To slay mighty Ulysses? The weapon that was used Was a Harvard thesis" "Who Killed James Joyce" By Patrick Kavanagh

IrishLitTweets: Unfortunately, next week: Patrick Kavanagh, I think that there should be not providing a general structure-of-consciousness technique, which is already an impressive move, but that's the case and I think, to recite.

DanMulhall: O unworn world enrapture me, encapture me in a web Of fabulous grass & eternal voices by a beech, Feed the gaping need of my senses, give me ad lib To pray unselfconsciously with overflowing speech, For this soup needs to be honoured with a new dress woven .. Patrick Kavanagh

ianduhig: With a new book of my own coming out before too long, I continue to be inspired by Patrick Kavanagh.

Buffalocrisps: Peated Stout is the Patrick Kavanagh of stout. If ever anything tasted of the stony grey soil of Monaghan (bitter, twisted, Napoleonic, self-destructive) then barrel-aged peated stout is it. And no, I do not mean that as a good thing. And yes, I love/hate it/him regardless. ffs

chennessybooks: "In 1939 Patrick Kavanagh came to Dublin to work full-time as a writer. A daunting task at any time, in 1940s Dublin this was almost impossible." Gosh, good thing we've sorted THAT out... (Interesting piece though. Male poets, jaysus.)

IrishLitTweets: To-morrow the bicycle races Through the suburbs on summer evenings: but to find one here. Patrick Kavanagh's On Raglan Road.

tadhgosullivan: Handy bit of Patrick Kavanagh for the next few days

shauna31449787: In the words of Patrick Kavanagh ‘But I knew as I entered that I had come through fields that were part of no earthly estate”. Magical.

HawkersPot: "Sweet May is gone, and now must poets croon The praises of rather stupid June." (Patrick Kavanagh)

BaltimoreParade: Learn more about the inspiration for Patrick Kavanagh's poem On Raglan Road.

chillboomer: Drop your favorite poem. I’ll start: “On Raglan Road” by Patrick Kavanagh

ballsdotie: It's definitely ice cream weather out there today. Take Kavanagh's lead and wait for the right time, just get one straight away!

feargalhynes: Watch: Aaron Monaghan reads Patrick Kavanagh's The Hospital

IrishLitTimes: Aaron Monaghan reads Patrick Kavanagh's 'The Hospital' | Coole Park Poetry Series 2021

duffles1: Patrick Kavanagh outlining the pure joy of dogs in “Tarry Flynn.”

dublinmacker: I love listening to Luke Kelly cover Raglan Road. I really love seeing Patrick Kavanagh react in real time while it is filmed.

brainybrendan: Up early for a walk along the Grand Canal and bumped into Patrick Kavanagh from the home place! “Leafy with love banks, and the green waters of the canal Pouring redemption for me, ....” Canal Bank Walk - P Kavanagh 1954

MartinDoyleIT: Reviews of two studies of the Irish Diaspora: The Irish Worldwide series by Patrick O’Sullivan and The Irish in Britain 1815-1914 by Graham Davis. It draws on four previous The Irish in Britain books, the first by John Denvir in 1892. (John Kavanagh was Brendan Mac Lua, I think)

BlHaugh: I know I tend to bang on about this series a bit, but this is a really fantastic lecture and an amazing insight in Patrick Kavanagh’s later years in Dublin. Well done to all involved

gjdavies70: "I saw the danger, yet I walked along the enchanted way" Patrick Kavanagh's line from On Raglan Road defined my late teens and 20s.

IrishLitTweets: So, with absolutely everything in the writing process, though you might want to do Godot on 13 November On poems by Patrick Kavanagh, Innocence Wherever you are from the Aeolus episode of/Ulysses/is/is/your grade they're just suggestions that might have helped some, here.

eoinpurcell: Good piece in the times on Patrick Kavanagh’s ‘nasty’ libel case: ‘There may be money in it’

quickstickblog: Unsure if anyone has called this out yet but Pat Kavanagh, while a sophomore, is basically a freshman by eligibility standards (assuming he stays for a 5th year) and will have a chance to be the first 4x Tewaaraton Trophy nominee

eamonnconway: With apologies to Patrick Kavanagh, “Epic”... I guess you could say “Dogs make their own importance”!

IrishLitTimes: Patrick Kavanagh’s ‘nasty’ libel case: ‘There may be money in it’

PatKennyNT: The Trial And Error Of Patrick Kavanagh | Newstalk

DanielHYNg: See over there A created splendour Made by one individual From things residual - Patrick Kavanagh

kavanaghcentre: 'Yous have no merit, no merit at all' - The Trial and Error of Patrick Kavanagh. Fascinating lecture concerning Patrick Kavanaghs infamous 1950s libel trial ...

WaterEmy: Back to Beautiful Emy Lough and those drumlin hills of Monaghan at the end of this month! "O Monaghan hills You have made me the sort of man I am A fellow who can never care a damn for Everest thrills" Patrick Kavanagh"

sarahcareyIRL: This is a great story.

TomasJMurray: (Patrick Kavanagh, Untitled poem, 1943) “Consider the grass growing As it grew last year and the year before, Cool about the ankles like summer rivers When we walked on a May evening through the meadows To watch the mare that was going to foal.”

brianlavery59: ‘Yous have no merit, no merit at all’: The trial and error of Patrick Kavanagh

MartinDoyleIT: Barrister and author John O’Donnell tells the tragicomic story of Patrick Kavanagh’s libel case, which co-starred a Taoiseach - ‘Yous have no merit, no merit at all’: The trial and error of Patrick Kavanagh

DruidTheatre: Wed 26 May Aaron Monaghan reads ‘The Hospital’ by Patrick Kavanagh (b. 1904) More info:

CensoredPod: Hilarious look at compo culture in literary circles.

catherinekirwan: Very good piece by John O'Donnell

ronanlupton: Patrick Kavanagh’s ‘nasty’ libel case: ‘There may be money in it’

robbobocco: Love this Patrick kavanagh quote

GibbonsLill: When in doubt I try to look at things from different perspectives. Epic by Patrick Kavanagh...

DanMulhall: They laughed at one I loved - the triangular hill that hung Under the Big Forth. They said That I was bounded by the whitethorn hedges Of the little farm and did not know the world. But I knew that love’s doorway to life Is the same doorway everywhere Patrick Kavanagh ‘Innocence’

quixoticclown: Me attempting to sleep: Brain: remember that time you drunkenly shouted at the Patrick Kavanagh statue for not having a lighter

121reggae: P. J. Kavanagh, English poet, died at 84 Dead. Patrick Joseph Kavanagh, born January 6, 1931 and died on

RaglanRoadPub: In Memory of My Mother by Patrick Kavanagh.

JohnMullahy: You will have the road gate open, the front door ajar The kettle boiling and a table set By the window looking out at the sycamores— And your loving heart lying in wait. —Patrick Kavanagh, In Memory of My Mother Happy Mother's Day

grainne_stn: Today’s walk, accompanied by reflections from Patrick Kavanagh.

dangnammit: Patrick kavanagh coming for the “gifted” kids tbh

mammyo: Anna Kavanagh is requesting people to bombard the inboxes of the the Ministers of Justice and children with a simple message that you are appalled at what happened to Patrick Sweeney over the weekend.

FrankmcnallyIT: Holy F***. The involvement of at least three Monaghan people in this gives me renewed respect for the restraint Patrick Kavanagh showed when rhyming his native townland with “butter” (see below).

CommiesOutNow: Anna Kavanagh is requesting people to bombard the inboxes of the the Ministers of Justice and children with a simple message that you are appalled at what happened to Patrick Sweeney over the weekend.

CommiesOutNow: report is conducted on Patrick. The parental capacity assessment is designed in such a way that the parents fail. Anna Kavanagh who has spent the last two years investigating the system and listening to parents whose children have been taken by TUSLA

Patmclaughlin18: If ever you go to Dublin town.....Patrick Kavanagh.

Health_HIV2030: RIP Tom Hickey. Too soon. Great photo. I'll never forget him in Tom MacIntyre’s adaptation of Patrick Kavanagh’s The Great Hunger

kevbrown89: Patrick Kavanagh my goodness. The between the legger kicking Cuse while their down

loquacious334: "Beauty, who has described beauty? Once upon a time I had a myth that was a lie but it served: Trees walking across the crest of hills and my rhyme Cavorting on mile-high stilts and the unnerved Crowds looking up with terror in their rational faces" Patrick Kavanagh

suckerforcoffe: 68. The Great Hunger by Patrick Kavanagh. 2 ⭐⭐

jpquinn78: On National Poetry Day I’m reminded of my favourite poem growing up. Some man Patrick Kavanagh.

folkloreprize: “There will be bluebells growing under the big trees, and you will be there and I will be there in May.” - Patrick Kavanagh, Bluebells For Love.

HangBlaa: Watching an old Vera episode tonight, there was an actor called Darragh O’Malley in it. Looked him up on Google, and discovered his father was Donnogh O’Malley. Donnogh’s wife, Hilda Moriarty, was Patrick Kavanagh’s inspiration for Raglan Road. His sister was Dido’s granny.

kavanaghcentre: Gerald Dawe wrote this powerful and insightful article about Patrick Kavanagh 20 years ago this month.

OFidhne: And I said Let grief Be a falling leaf At the dawning of the day ... ~ Patrick Kavanagh

pairsonnalitesN: Fighting Stigma : A final flourish from the pen of one of Ireland's finest poets: His first poetry collection, Birds' Nests and Other Poems (Bradshaw Books, 2003) won the Patrick Kavanagh Award and was followed by children's ...

ChiuauaTeardrop: I want to die of a soil overdose like my hero Patrick Kavanagh

mrmichaelsmiley: Anthony Cronin documentary on Patrick Kavanagh, Brendan Behan & Flann O'...

comrademitten: And I have a feeling That through the hole in reason's ceiling We can fly to knowledge Without ever going to college. – Patrick Kavanagh, "To Hell with Commonsense"

comrademitten: "Sanctity" (Patrick Kavanagh) To be a poet and not know the trade, To be a lover and repel all women; Twin ironies by which great saints are made, The agonizing pincer-jaws of Heaven.

NikitaTHarkin: Some Patrick Kavanagh on a Sunday evening ... ‘Innocence’

quixoticclown: Patrick Kavanagh because we were LIED to about Plath

news89com: As voting fight moves westward, accusations of racism follow Dan Patrick Southwest Denver Supreme Court John Kavanagh

GulfB2B: As voting fight moves westward, accusations of racism follow Dan Patrick Southwest Denver Supreme Court John Kavanagh

LizChristy: Saturday inspiration! Our Patrick Kavanagh inspired scarves available from our website *FREE SHIPPING*

AMaddy2: Then there’s the partial exile (internal exile). Disavowed by the Irish establishment but major figures of the 20th C such as Elizabeth Bowen, John McGahern, Patrick Kavanagh & Eileen Gray. It’s the prophet & never being appreciated in your own land...?

juliarkelly2: The birds sang in the wet trees And I listened to them it was a hundred years from now And I was dead and someone else was listening to them. But I was glad I had recorded for him The melancholy. Patrick Kavanagh

danodhiambo62: "A man is original when he speaks the truth that has always been known to all good men."-Patrick Kavanagh

MarieBryne: Everytime I pass a garden filled with Dandelions always think of Patrick Kavanagh 's homage to them

RGBMcBride: One of my favourite Irish poets is Patrick Kavanagh who wrote "ordinary things wear lovely wings". Remembering that message today. Photo: The road to Navan Fort, Co. Armagh, NI

PyjamaPress: I hope you enjoy my rendition for a master Irish poet

CanterburyDio: Deal: St Leonard with St Richard Sholden: St Nicholas with Great Mongeham: St Martin Clergy: Vacant Self-Supporting Minister: Patrick Kavanagh Readers: James Sullivan, Nicholas Tomaszewski See the full version here:

HFClifford: This TripAdvisor review of the Patrick Kavanagh park bench statue in Dublin is quite something.

Patrick_Filios: Kavanagh household needs to upgrade their security.

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