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Patrick Kavanagh (21 October 1904 – 30 November 1967) was an Irish poet and novelist. His best-known works include the novel Tarry Flynn, and the poems "On Raglan Road" and "The Great Hunger". He is known for his accounts of Irish life through reference to the everyday and commonplace.

Contents Life and workEarly life Patrick Kavanagh was born in rural Inniskeen, County Monaghan, in 1904, the fourth of ten children of James Kavanagh and Bridget Quinn. His grandfather was a schoolteacher called "Kevany", which a local priest changed to "Kavanagh" at his baptism. The grandfather had to leave the area following a...
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Patrick Kavanagh Poems

  • Canal Bank Walk
    Leafy-with-love banks and the green waters of the canal
    Pouring redemption for me, that I do
    The will of God, wallow in the habitual, the banal,
    Grow with nature again as before I grew. ...
  • My Father Played The Melodeon
    My father played the melodeon
    Outside at our gate,
    There were stars in the morning east
    And they danced to his music. ...
  • Gospel
    We are the children of light,
    Wise, not companioned
    By goats
    In a condemned graveyard. ...
  • On An Apple-ripe September Morning
    On an apple-ripe September morning
    Through the mist-chill fields I went
    With a pitch-fork on my shoulder
    Less for use than for devilment. ...
  • Advent
    We have tested and tasted too much, lover-
    Through a chink too wide there comes in no wonder.
    But here in the Advent-darkened room
    Where the dry black bread and the sugarless tea ...
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  • Kavanaghweekly: from 'patrick kavanagh - a biography' by antoinette quinn, 2001. 'from monaghan to the grand canal' roots in the soil meant that you knew about people living close to nature, struggling for survival on the farm, and you had a practical knowledge of animal breeding.
  • Kavanaghweekly: from 'patrick kavanagh - a biography' by antoinette quinn, 2001. 'from monaghan to the grand canal' i was one of those who had an unchallenged right to claim roots in the soil, but i was an exception and the rooted-in-the-soil theory gave birth to a vast amount of bogusry -
  • Rabihalameddine: four years ago: inniskeen road: july evening by patrick kavanagh
  • Francjonsn: clasics in Ñspel: “lines written on a seat on the grand canal, dublin,” by patrick kavanagh
  • Maxwelljosh: "on raglan road on an autumn day i met her first and knew that her dark hair would weave a snare that i might one day rue; i saw the danger, yet i walked along the enchanted way, and i said, let grief be a fallen leaf at the dawning of the day." - patrick kavanagh
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