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Patrick Kavanagh Books, Patrick Kavanagh poetry book The Perfect Stranger Authors: P J Kavanagh
Publisher: Large Print Bookshop
Published Date: 2015-07-30
The early years of poet P.J. Kavanags'h life - which took him from a Butlin's Holiday Camp to Switzerland and Paris, to a battlefield in Korea, to Oxford and Barcelona, and finally to Java - made little sense to him, until 'something extraordinary happened': his meeting with Sally, 'the perfect stranger'.

Patrick Kavanagh Books, Patrick Kavanagh poetry book The Irish Captain Authors: Patrick Joseph Kavanagh
Publisher: Doubleday Books
Published Date: 1979
Categories: Gloucestershire (England)
Young Francis Place lives with his mother in Gloucester. One night he spies a group of horsemen hanging a man from a tree; they ride off and he cuts the man down just in time. Francis helps to hide "Captain Jack," who proves to be an Irish freedom fighter who is being hunted by a group of thugs in the service of the Protestant ascendancy--he also proves to be Francis' long-lost father.

Patrick Kavanagh Books, Patrick Kavanagh poetry book Spiritual Lives of the Great Composers Authors: Patrick Kavanaugh
Publisher: Zondervan
Published Date: 1996
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
This is a compelling and inspiring look at spiritual beliefs that influenced some of the world's greatest composers, now revised and expanded with eight additional composers.

Patrick Kavanagh Books, Patrick Kavanagh poetry book Sanctuary Creek Authors: John Patrick Kavanagh
Publisher: Macroglint Trilogy
Published Date: 2017-12-06
Categories: Fiction
Chicago is the new home of the Papacy and the American Pope. But all is not peaceful. This American Century of new Catholicism is rocked by evidence of the authenticity of the recently discovered diaries of St. Sebastian

Patrick Kavanagh Books, Patrick Kavanagh poetry book The Last of the Name Authors: Charles McGlinchey, Patrick Kavanagh
Published Date: 2007
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
Charles McGlinchey (1861-1954) lived his entire life on the Inishowen Peninsula in Donegal. On winter evenings in the 1940s and 50s, McGlinchy would visit friend Patrick Kavanagh and talk about his life and times. Kavanagh wrote down McGlinchey's words in their entirety.

Patrick Kavanagh Books, Patrick Kavanagh poetry book Tarry Flynn Authors: Peter Fallon, Patrick Kavanagh
Published Date: 2004
Categories: Drama
Peter Fallon enjoys a special intimacy with the world that Patrick Kavanagh's novel delineates. Most of his life he has lived not far from Dargan and Drumnay. Now he dramatizes Kavanagh's portrait of a mother and her children, including her only son, on whom she dotes and who is prone to rhapsodic flights and insights. Tarry Flynn examines the great hungers of a society with a stifled need not only to be loved, but also to love. As the hero, Tarry, struggles to find his right place in the world, we wonder if the appearance of a reprobate uncle could offer a chance of salvation from his fate.

Patrick Kavanagh Books, Patrick Kavanagh poetry book W.B. Yeats [and] Patrick Kavanagh Authors: William Butler Yeats, Patrick Kavanagh
Published Date: 2008
Categories: English poetry
This volume in the 'Paired Poets' series contains poems, without any commentary, enabling them to be used either as student reference material or as 'clean' copies for the examination.

Patrick Kavanagh Books, Patrick Kavanagh poetry book Collected Poems Authors: Patrick Joseph Kavanagh
Publisher: Poetry Pleiade
Published Date: 1992
Categories: Poetry
P.J.Kavanagh's poems are filled with praise, with the minute observations that transform a mood, or the dazzling recollection that can change the heart. 'If description is revelation,' wrote Derek Mahon in the Irish Times, 'his revelatory gift is prodigious. Now is the time to read P.J.Kavanagh.' The contents of seven collections are included in this comprehensive volume, which traces the poet through three and a half decades and ends with his remarkable human elegy and celebration of a beloved landscape, 'Severn Aisling', described by Frank Kermode as 'quite magnificent.'

Patrick Kavanagh Books, Patrick Kavanagh poetry book Kavanagh Country Authors: Patrick Kavanagh, Pius J. Browne, David Maher
Published Date: 2009
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
A look at the life of Patrick Kavanagh through photos and stories.

Patrick Kavanagh Books, Patrick Kavanagh poetry book Gaff Topsails Authors: Patrick Kavanagh
Published Date: 2005
Categories: Catholics
Set on the coast of Newfoundland on June 24, 1948, the Feast of St. John the Baptist, Gaff Topsails is the story of many characters. A middle-aged Irish priest, newly arrived from the New Guinea missions, reflects on a failed love affair. Michael Barron, a mute boy-man, has fallen in love and is puzzled and frightened by the way that his life is turning into a dangerous business. His younger brother, Kevin, is terrorized by whispering monsters that pursue him. An adolescent girl-woman invokes the pagan superstitions of Midsummer's Day. A woman spends most of her waking hours seated in a rooftop chair, overlooking the sea, waiting for the return of her fisherman-husband. Old Johnny, the mad lighthouse-keeper, remains haunted by a horrifying experience years earlier when his deceit saved others from a terrible death. In the midst of the twentieth century, the spirit of an Irish castaway, dead five hundred years, survives within every soul in Gaff Topsails.

Patrick Kavanagh Books, Patrick Kavanagh poetry book The Great Hunger Authors: Patrick Kavanagh
Publisher: Penguin UK
Published Date: 2018-02-22
Categories: Poetry
'I have lived in important places, times When great events were decided . . .' By turns comical, grouchy and exalted, and including his tragic masterpiece 'The Great Hunger', some of the key poems by the writer who transformed Anglo-Irish verse. Penguin Modern: fifty new books celebrating the pioneering spirit of the iconic Penguin Modern Classics series, with each one offering a concentrated hit of its contemporary, international flavour. Here are authors ranging from Kathy Acker to James Baldwin, Truman Capote to Stanislaw Lem and George Orwell to Shirley Jackson; essays radical and inspiring; poems moving and disturbing; stories surreal and fabulous; taking us from the deep South to modern Japan, New York's underground scene to the farthest reaches of outer space.

Patrick Kavanagh Books, Patrick Kavanagh poetry book No Earthly Estate Authors: Patrick Kavanagh, Tom Stack
Publisher: Columba Press (IE)
Published Date: 2004
Categories: Literary Criticism
Tom Stack offers a commentary on the spiritual content and significance of the sixty poems here selected. This consists of a general introduction to the anthology, together with particular introductions to the three long poems in the collection, The Great Hunger, Lough Derg and Father Mat.

Patrick Kavanagh Books, Patrick Kavanagh poetry book Tarry Flynn Authors: Patrick Kavanagh
Publisher: Penguin UK
Published Date: 2000-09-28
Categories: Fiction
A man's mother can be a terrible burden sometimes. For Tarry Flynn - poet, farmer and lover-from-afar of beautiful young virgins - the responsibility of family, farm, poetic inspiration and his own unyielding lust is a heavy one. The only solution is to rise above all - or escape over the nearest horizon. Like The Green Fool, his autobiography, Patrick Kavanagh's Tarry Flynn is an idyllic and beautifully evocative account of life as it was lived in Ireland earlier this century.

Patrick Kavanagh Books, Patrick Kavanagh poetry book Selected Poems Authors: Patrick Kavanagh
Publisher: Penguin UK
Published Date: 2018-08-09
Categories: Poetry
Published in order of first publication as far as possible, this selection ranges from initial offerings such as 'Tinker's Wife' and 'Inniskeen Road: July Evening' to his tragic masterpiece 'The Great Hunger' (1942) and his celebratory later verse, 'To Hell with Common Sense' and 'Come Dance with Kitty Stobling', which show his increasing comic verve and detachment. The first comprehensive selection of Kavanagh's poetry to be published, this volume offers a timely reassessment of a poet unfairly neglected outside Ireland.

Patrick Kavanagh Books, Patrick Kavanagh poetry book A Poet's Country Authors: Patrick Kavanagh
Publisher: Lilliput PressLtd
Published Date: 2003
Categories: Literary Criticism
Patrick Kavanagh was above all a poet, but for most of his writing life he was also a prolific producer of critical and autobiographical prose. Work for newspapers and magazines was often his main source of income, and it provided him with a necessary outlet for his views on the writers of his time, and past times, on the spiritual function of poetry, and on his own background and experiences as an isolated genius, impoverished, sometimes ostracized and surrounded, as he saw it, by mediocrity. The prose writings thus stand alongside the poems as a vital guide to the thought of Kavanagh and tell us things about him that the poems do not tell.

Patrick Kavanagh Books, Patrick Kavanagh poetry book Collected Poems Authors: Patrick Kavanagh
Publisher: Penguin UK
Published Date: 2005-08-25
Categories: Literary Criticism
The Collected Poems comprises all the volumes of poetry that Vikram Seth has published this far. The books included are Mappings (1981), The Humble Administrator's Garden (1985), All You Who Sleep Tonight (1990), Three Chinese Poets (1992), Beastly Tales from Here and There (1992) and Arion and the Dolphin (1994).

Patrick Kavanagh Books, Patrick Kavanagh poetry book The Green Fool Authors: Patrick Kavanagh
Publisher: Penguin UK
Published Date: 2001-02-22
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
My part of Ireland had a poet at one time, a poor ragged fellow whom no respectable person whom no respectable person would be seen talking to, but he left doors open as he passed. Time hardly mattered in the village of Mucker, the birthplace of poet and writer Patrick Kavanagh. Full of wry humour, Kavanagh's unsentimental and evocative account of his Irish rural upbringing describes a patriarchal society surviving on the edge of poverty, sustained by the land and an insatiable love of gossip. There are tales of schoolboy skirmishes, blackberrying and night-time salmon-poaching; of country-weddings and fairs, of political banditry and religious pilgrimages; and of farm-work in the fields and kicking mares. Kavanagh's experiences inspired him to write poetry which immortalized a fast-disappearing way of life and brought him recognition as one of Ireland's great poets.

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