I can't breathe
Wear face mask , I can't sing
Observe social distance , everyone social distancing
A bottle at the entrance of the shop, sanitizing
They says we won't be surviving,
Poverty strikes people are dying

Who says ?
We won't live
Who says we won't breathe
Everyone deserves to live,
Everyone wants to be alive
We want to be with our wives
Covid kills
My sisters miss wearing their hils
No one is hustling , no deals

Covid kills , I don't know how true is this,
We're childrens of God we won't be defeated so easy,
So everyone please,
Let's all get on our knees
They have planted different seeds of disease
The whole world is in crisis
I know they won't agree with this
Am forbidding their evil thoughts
Everyone take these notes.

Black people are subjugated because of their skin colour,
They do all their plans in a secret corner,
We're treated like cabbages , that's why they hold us with our shirt collar,
Hopefully it shall end very sooner
They wish if we could develop brain tumour
So they will control us .

They're tenacious,
Fallaciously misleading us
They don't consider their ignominious failure
But even though I will never feel changrid over my last escapade,
Never listen to these lunatic , who are gascanade .

I will breathe
I'm a child of God I believe
I shall continue to live
The wrath is coming ,the wrath is near
The Bible made it clear
So you people of God open up your ear
So you can hear .

You can't breathe
Never listen to these nincompoop
All they say is baloney ,
They are good pretenders, they pretend as if they like us
Trying to bamboozle us , so we can see a different picture of their status ,
Deceiving is their language, they eat everyday like saungage , they don't care about age , let's find our on page and pag ,
They play flimflam
All they're seeking for is firm .