Lord is the creator of heavens and earth ,
He is the creator of the universe,
He created all things whole heartedly without reverse,
Later He created my embracing grace ,
My only babe AGNESS
Don't judge her for less But,
Say God bless

You're my love portion,
Your love can fill the ocean,
No doubt no question
You're my inspiration,
My meditation
My medication,

You happen to be my true desire ,
I swear with my auntie Maria
Distance is not a barrier ,
You have shown am only love surviving warrior,
More love no pain
No love No gain
As we dawdle mile by mile
We have seen love reign
No hustle of brain
You have exbit one regards genuine love
They can't say it's fraudulent or counterfeit
This is factual and prudent
No one will be able or ruin this love
Cause it was divinely approved

Love is extraordinary,
Sometimes I caught up with fanatical feelings,
It's a tale am divulging now
Babe don't ask how
Just nod with wow
We can be very angry to each other sometimes ,feel madden,
One will become aloof , trying to find the proof ,
Let us remember the love we created
The love we have
Till death do us part,

When you're melonchy down hearted , I will be there to calm you down,
I promise never to hurt you no matter what quandary , plight or jam ,
You're dauntless , audacious daring babe
Let us luxuriate all these times
I can see Bright, incardescant life ahead of us
I can breathe bright future ahead of us
Let's keep this clean sheet ,ship shape and desirable

Forever you're my love portion .