Whyvso early
Are predictions made
For the world end
Because of a world eater
Which leaves it's footsteps
On their noses and throats , moving in a silent motion ,
With no descriminate intentio

We all now know the murder
For it is the colleague of the ground,
Which calls several lives to the land of the spirits
After being texted by the 19th virus
Which we now regard a calamity
To all the surrounding continents.

An African child has cried from hinger hunger and thirsty
For the virus has added salt,
To its still bleeding economy
Leaving nothing but it's gore exposed on the ground
With no one willing to cover it with mud ,

Why so early
Does our meery cheers have to ne snatched,
In such a dreadful manner,
By a single warrior with no sword
Yet an expect in killing
Who is a betrayer
Of the one who put it into existence.