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Sometimes we need inspirations , we must be motivated so we can see life in a different view .Poems are one of the things that can help you to climb every ladder. The world is changing , it's either you choose to be conqurous or to be conqoured ...
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  • Black People
    Black people
    You're not bad people
    You are blessed not cursed ,
    Ignore being accused , ...
  • Death
    Will never know what future holds ,
    Living life is really a gold ,
    Life can be sweet as sugar or bitter as salt
    You can be happy sometimes , sometimes you can be sad , ...
  • Heavenly Father When You Call
    When you call,
    I will be there ,
    When you come ,
    And call my name , ...
  • Judgement Day
    There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth,
    All you people of the land you need to admit,
    Clear your minds and eager to find the truth ,Sorry to those who will pretermit and ignore these ,
    So bound beneath , the weight of all sorrows, ...
  • Being Called-out By God
    Deep rooted in sin
    Jingling with bling ,
    Confronted with my carnality , stinking thinking , cliques , lack of understanding ,
    I was just a sheep gone astray , worse than people of Sodom and Gomorrah, ...
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The Truth'is stirless
 by Emily Dickinson


The Truth-is stirless-
Other force-may be presumed to move-
This-then-is best for confidence-
When oldest Cedars swerve-

And Oaks untwist their fists-

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