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Sometimes we need inspirations , we must be motivated so we can see life in a different view .Poems are one of the things that can help you to climb every ladder. The world is changing , it's either you choose to be conqurous or to be conqoured ...
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  • Being Called-out By God
    Deep rooted in sin
    Jingling with bling ,
    Confronted with my carnality , stinking thinking , cliques , lack of understanding ,
    I was just a sheep gone astray , worse than people of Sodom and Gomorrah, ...
  • My Massage To Evildoers
    Am here to remind you about hell you eveildoer,
    You think you are clever enough,
    You think you are more superior than others,
    Your work is to kill and you won't be punished, ...
  • Breaking My Heart
    You can't go away
    After you break my heart,
    You can't just go ,after breaking my heart
    You can't dash away, after demolishing my heart. ...
  • Racism
    This world is not my home ,
    Don't get me wrong.
    This is factual , true not fraudulent,
    Am living in a world full of hatred, ...
  • Poverty In My Country
    Since independence grabbled with the fore-head challenges of poverty , inequality, and unemployment,
    Women and youth continue to suffer a disproportionate high poverty burden ,
    High levels of poverty is structured in natute ,
    But they are also exacerbated by transient factors rooted on economic polices , ...
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In Memoriam A. H. H. OBIIT MDCCCXXXIII: Part 067
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When on my bed the moonlight falls,
I know that in thy place of rest
By that broad water of the west,
There comes a glory on the walls:

Thy marble bright in dark appears,
As slowly steals a silver flame
Along the letters of thy name,

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