Since independence grabbled with the fore-head challenges of poverty , inequality, and unemployment,
Women and youth continue to suffer a disproportionate high poverty burden ,
High levels of poverty is structured in natute ,
But they are also exacerbated by transient factors rooted on economic polices ,
Sometimes it because of exogenous factors, climate change , various disease such as corona , among others,

However the economic growth declined ,
Prices increases rose to hyoer-inflationary levels,
People are dying of hunger ,
They never stop crying ,
Try to keep head up ,
Everyday is a struggle, hustling and muscling ,
They are humble and they never stumble,

Poverty is a multi - dimensional complex phenomeno which includes lack of access to resources assistance, shortage of water bodies ,
In my country there's , lack of means of production, not having the basics of living
Lack of cash to buy essentials to live a full life ,
Lack of capabilities, lack of infrastructure
Lack of opportunities,

A highly educated country ,but failed to use brain,
A country with fertile lands,crying for rain ,
I think that's the main
A state with high population and high demand on income,
It's high time we must recede to what we call our comfort zone , and hasten to achieve, no time to veil in shades of poverty but dawdle or attain what needs to be done ,
No pain no gain,
Lets pray for rain to contain or glean things that will end poverty.

I call for a call to parlia ,
To wake everyone up .