I shall remember her as a very beautiful girl ,
No more than five feet in height,
With a smooth open forehead ,
Hair auban shading to brown in colour,
The beauty of her impeccably fair complexion ,
Her refined blooming appearance,
The wrath of a perfume and her literally sensibility,
Always filled me with a singular happiness

One day received an urgent message to meet her at Harare gardens,
A taxi come to a halt and she alighted ,
I had known her to be a girl of precocious intelligence and sensitivity.
We sat from where we could see the mendicant sighns of varicoloured neon lights and frosty street lamps .

Did you tell anyone that you're coming here "l asked with consipiratorial voice,
Yes she answered with a sharp hysteria - tainted voice .
She told me about her loneliness ,
No parents ,no relatives , she was just alone in this big world,
It left me lookin at her in bewilderment and curiosity,
There l made a sacrifice, l took her to be my wife,
She approached with solemn look ,
Sure an inner flow of life seemed to be sustaining her to her fight to seek some other world ,
Where she could refashion her life.

What a relationship we had
She was always wearing diplomatic smile ,
She was as good as the weather,
The night before Christmas.
I don't know where she is ,
The pain l can never explain,
I still love her and l really do