I want to be a boss
That's what l really need the most,
Boss, yes l suppose
Gosh , l'd love to be a boss
You will see me riding on a horse,
Shooting the songs of praise ,
For this one l swear by the cross.

Boss yes boss
Maybe you should lay off the sauce,
Cause am the best ,
I already won the race ,
Yes l set pace ,
To everyone in this place,
I just want to prove you , that l already passed my test .

Boss yes boss
Am smart , perspicacious and indigenous,
Respectable and marvelous
More than prodigious,
What else to say am , l guess stupendous.

I work till l sweat,
I rest when am done
I do well in everything l do
I work very hard,
That's why l deserve to be a boss
Yes boss.