Deep rooted in sin
Jingling with bling ,
Confronted with my carnality , stinking thinking , cliques , lack of understanding ,
I was just a sheep gone astray , worse than people of Sodom and Gomorrah,
What an act of evildoer

Flash back those days I used to abolish , assasinate people ,
My soul I almost sold to the devil,
The spirit of selling my body , loitering around the streets half dressed ,
The spirit of barbarism thought it's a bulldog tenacity ,

Before I was called-out my life was misarable ,
Who told you devil is unconquorable , such lie is unbearable ,
I never new thez someone who can turn burdens to blessings , worries to testimonies,
Dilemma to manner
Trust Him you will receive diamond bigger and bigger ,

He died as a sinner inorder to save a sinner like me ,
I'm called up to intentional genoristy
Called up to intentional hospitality
Spreading my power to all domestic capacity ,
It's called lapses of clarity .

God takes care of His own
If God never james you up ,
He will never grow you up ,
Being jammed up by God is a good thing , where he backs you in a corner

In him was an attribute of a saviour , yet no one was lost there , there had to be one man falling from his grace , that fall of one man made him to recall that he is a saviour,

He blesses us
He furtheres His kingdom by letting us read His word , the Holy spirit reveal to us the things thats close to hand ,
The world need those who are called-out ,

Sin has become glammer
It is been glammatized , I mean glammanized , it's high time world you must repent ,
God will make you pay for your sin , he hates sin .
The whole world is quivering , the little nations , the big nations , for in dirty hands , communists ungodly , bloodless , heartless cults lays the power to send this world to its ashes in one minutes time.
A Holy God cannot tolerate sin , if he tolerate sin , he could've stood sin ,
He would've stopped the whole thing iin when the first sin was was committed ,

There will be a time God will send His spirit in a such blast that will shake the sin shackles of unbelief away from the audience .

Only those who are called-out by God will be able to stand.