God so loved me that He gave
Jesus for my sins to die;
Jesus loved me in the grave,
Jesus loves me still on high, -
Father-love and Saviour-love,
Mine on earth and mine above!

Love, from highest heights that stooped, -
Love, to deepest depths that came, -
Love, that 'neath my burden drooped, -
Bore my anguish and my shame -
Died, that I may never die, -
Living, lifts me to the sky!

Love, the arm that reached me first, -
Love, the hand that raised me up, -
Love, my prison-bars that burst, -
Love, that filled my brimming cup -
Filled it full of Heavenly wine -
Filled, and blessed, and made it mine!

Love, the holy, cleansing fount
Where I wash my garments white, -
Love, my Tabor, hallowed mount,
Where I stand with Him in sight, -
Love, my watch-tower, till the day
Chase all earth-born mists away!