How dare you stop us ?
We are lagosian
Eko for show
Kosi Ankara Kosi Semo

It Saturday
Anko on the street
Mamas will rock the beat
Like wind and storm

No space for the babies
Papa will hang and curve the cap
like the 30s
No room for the boys

In our city no dulling no loitering
Eyes on the watch, two-four-seven
Alas! We have got a visitor
From the ancient Rome

He came with no bullets
But with death
Death from Wuhan
Jeje we they go for Lagos

Why do you bring us death?
See our city
The heart beat of the black race
The toast of the Nation

The palace of funfair
The origin of sound and rhythm
The state of the Malians
Now a silence city

Oh my God !
See Aunty funke in the dock
For been a Lagosian
Go go go Coivd19

Let have our city back
Eko for show
The burbling city
The city, where sunrises but never set.

(Poet Note; Kosi means No, Ankara is a popular cloth for party,Anko is family wear for a party, Jeje means slowly, Malians here mean a general name for fans of Naira Marley,Aunty funke is a popular actress call Funke Akindele she prosecuted and fined by the state for hosting party in her house during the Lock down, Eko means Lagos in Yoruba language)