Dear city-state
Why are you so unfortunate
If you have cross the gods
Let go to the shrine
With she-goat and cola
To appease the Gods
The Gods are angry

In the city-state
Leadership is so expensive
Yet grossly irresponsible
In the city-state
Justice is like a coin
If you could meet the price
You get acquitted
If you are couldn’t meet the price
You get sentenced

In the city-state
Don’t rob with gun
Rather do it with pen
If you rob with gun you are a criminal
If you rob with pen you are an accused or worst a suspect
If you rob with gun everyone will condemn you
If you rob with pen a big tittle await you

Today many of our excellence are pen robber
Yet they are the lord of the city-state
While our prison housed innocent
If there is justice in the city-state
Many of the so called Excellency
Should be in the yard
With hard labour
But our justice brother
Is for the highest bidders

In the city-state
We will put you on death sentence
If you abuse our place of worship
But honor you in our place of worship
If you loot the common wealth with pen
In the city-state
Everyone is a potential looter
Waiting for space and time
The beautiful ones are rare
Others are animal in human skin
The city-state has been spell!