The Unseen Terrors That Await Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Beyond the veil of light and lifeA
There lies a place both dark and deepB
A land of shadows filled with strifeA
Where horrors in the darkness creepB
The terrors that await us thereC
Are things that words cannot describeD
They lurk within the stifling airC
And wait to take us for a rideE
The unseen monsters that we fearF
Are creatures of the darkest nightG
They whisper secrets in our earH
And fill us with a sense of frightG
And yet we cannot look awayI
From what's beyond the veil of lightG
For in the darkness there's a wayI
To find the strength to fight the fightG
So let us face the terrors thereC
And let our courage burn so brightG
For though they fill us with despairC
We'll conquer them with all our mightG
For in the end the unseen terrorsJ
Are but a part of life's great planK
And when we face them without errorL
We'll find the strength to rise againM

Oghenero Peter
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/27/2023


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