The breeze of love has tresspassed my heart,
Something strange has awakened into me.
I can not explain this feeling,
But I know it's called love.

You have become the only image I have in my head,
And my thoughts all the times focus on you.
I see your face with your nice smile,
I remember the tone of your voice and the first words we exchanged.

Surely none of us would expect this moment will happen,
Fortunately it happened,
And it happened so nicely and in a way we will never forget.
Is this how the path to love starts?
Is this how all the love stories in the world started?
So beautifully and filled with nice feelings.

Perhaps it is not so?
But since I met you I am drenched into nice feelings.
You have become my daily preoccupation,
And the subject on my lips everytime,
You have changed my feelings into a realm of wellbeing,
And I hope it last to the moon and back forever!