When a politician says a nude lie
Nothing for sure is ironical about that;
Good liars make perfect politicians!
But when a priest tells a lie
Yet he is the trustworthy servant of most high
I think it is the time one must talk of irony.

When a poor man dies out of constipation
Nothing should strike one as ironical.
But should a rich man kick the bucket as a result of starvation!
Then we must talk of irony.

A common man offering a stool to a king
Does nothing ironical;
It is what everyone should expects of him
But when a king stands up for a commoner
It is now the best example of irony.

Do not misquote irony!

When things happen in the normal order
There is no need to think of irony.
But when things contrary to expectation happen
It is only safest to mention irony.

When Satan kneels down and begs angels for mercy
Then we must all stand up and give him a clap;
It is all we’ve always anticipated of him
But when the angels worship him!
We must all shut our eyes and block our ears,
We must all rush back to our mothers’ wombs
“What a fine but silly irony we couldn’t afford to experience